Heads-up! Some soldiers REALLY in need of help

This lady is needing some help for a unit that’s coming back home.  Twenty seven soldiers are coming back and they don’t really have anybody to help them settle in.  They will back to a room with a mattress, basically.

She’s already gotten some smaller things, but could use help with the bigger items like sheets, etc.  She’s also running out of time…it seems like the easier thing to do with be send donations in the form of Walmart GCs and she can just pick up everything that is needed with the GCs.

I know some people might not be too comfortable with it, but the name was given to me by Kelley, the lady who heads up the SOS unit I help out and this is likely a lot easier than sending twin-sized bedding, (sheets, pillow cases) and shower curtains, etc.

If you are able and want to help out the soldiers, this is a wonderful way… you can send a Walmart gift card or donation to

Chanel Caldwell
5244-1 Yeakel St
Ft Hood TX 76544

They only have until the 17th to get everything ready, so time really isn’t on our side.

Again, this info is accurate and up to date, passed on to me by Kelley.  She’s the lady who gives me all the info for the SOS units I help out so I do know it is accurate and any help you can give would be very much appreciate, whether you can send $5 GC to Walmart or a new set twin sheets, a shower curtain, etc.

FYI, it’s okay to post this info to blogs, but please don’t post to FB, etc.


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  1. Thank you for passing the information on….This young lady who is getting things ready for the soldiers coming home is only 21 and has two small children. Not sure why the FRG did not kick in or why some of the officer wives are not doing anything, but if we can help great, if not she will do what she can. To all that always write to the names Shiloh shares with you I thank you!

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