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You were always on my mind…

Today’s Saturday Snippet…the theme?

You were always on my mind.  And Vaughnne is on Gus’s mind.  A lot.

The Protected


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He’s too young for the burden he’s bearing…


Did she think he didn’t know that already?

He shoved a hand through his hair, knocking his ballcap off in the process.  He hurled it to the floorboard and turned his head, staring outside as the landscape zipped by.

The view is nice…

Innocuous words.

But what she’d pushed inside his mind…

Damn it.  He did not need that inside him just then.  The knowledge that she felt the same heat he’d felt.  No.  He didn’t need that all, yet at the same time, part of him…

Part of him wanted to grab her, haul her into his lap and just…feel.  Give into what he had inside him, what she obviously had inside her.  Skim his hands up that long, slender back and tangle them in her hair as he feasted on her mouth.

That greedy, selfish part wanted to strip her naked and ride her until the both of them were too drained to even move. That part of him knew just how long it had been since he had a woman, touched a woman, kissed a woman…wanted a woman.  How long it had been since his life revolved around anything beyond watching over Alex, nights spent pacing the house as he fought to make sure the boy was safe, hours spent watching over him.

That part of him wanted to touch her.  That part of him wanted glide his hand through her hair and draw her mouth to his, see if she’d taste as wild as he’d imagined.  She wouldn’t be a sweet and gentle woman in bed, he didn’t think. He’d had sweet and gentle lovers.  She’d be heat and power and passion, and he’d lose himself inside her.

If he could have given into that.

But it wouldn’t happen.

Alex…his focus was, and would always be, Alex.

“How long have you been running?” she asked quietly.

He slanted a look her way and then looked back out the window.  “Too long.”

Four years.  Six months.  Twelve days.  He flicked a glance at the clock, calculated the time change.  Thirteen hours and nine minutes.

Since Alex was eight…the day the boy’s youth and innocence and life was shattered, right in front of him.

The night his mother…

He closed his eyes and tried to stem the flow of those memories.

Please…you must promise…

He was trying.  Damn it, he was trying. 


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