Soldiers needing some care packages

This unit is kinda in need of some foodstuffs,

Kyle Lowry

Robert Giles
Bryan Stephens
Conan Kahuhu
Andrey Williams
Timothy Ruffner
Wayne Benge
Jeremy Ingo
Israel Parra
John Fournier
Clifford Hodges
Eric Cantu
Darius Hardrick
Josh Obertance
B-BTRY 4-42 FA lBCT 4lD
Camp Buehring
APO,AE 09330
Kyle is the point of contact and if you want to just address to him, he’ll make sure everything gets divvied out.  Please don’t post to facebook pages, etc.  If you have Qs, please contact Kelley at
They are looking for stuff with a long shelf life, like granola bars, fruit and nut bars, Belvita bars, and peanut butter crackers or cheese crackers.

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