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Book club… State of the Union

Pretty please read all the way through… looking for another group, but if you don’t give me all the info, I can’t choose you.
The Protected

Okay, so far, it seems like the book club idea is something that people are interested in.

This is what’s going on over the next few months

Book obsessed chicks are reading Stolen

Twi-mom bloggers Wendee & friends are doing a book club reading of Lost in Love

Triple M is doing a group read of The Unwanted

There’s another group lined up-one of the Fresh Fiction book club groups-that will be doing a read of WRECKED.

Now… I’m interested in having a group, and this would be good for an online group who is okay with a PDF ARC and likes PNR/RS, doing a read of The Protected just a few weeks prior to it’s release in September.

I’m looking for group that has between 15-20 people and 5-10 need to be willing to post reviews.  Reviews can be to GR or blogs although I would appreciate them going to Amazon or BN once the sites allow reviews to be posted.

This is more romantic suspense than PNR, but it does have a PNR slant because of the psychic angle.  And for those who liked The Missing, this one will probably really appeal.  🙂

And Gus is an ass.  I loved him. He’s sexy and he’s broody and he’s an ass.


Rising from the bed, he paced over to her.
She remained where she was, although her hand curved
around the weapon’s grip. Her pulse slammed away in her throat,
and her eyes watched him with a world of caution. “I keep him
safe,” he said softly. “Call your boss and bring him back.”
Shooting out his hands, he grabbed her arms and jerked her
upright. Nose to nose, he leaned in, staring into her eyes. The scent
of her went straight to his head, straight to his dick. Why had she
done this? The last thing he could do now . . . actually, the last
thing he should have done ever was trust her, want her . . . and yet
that was what he wanted to do. But she’d let them take Alex.
“Call him,” he said again. “Or you’re not going to like what I
do when you refuse this time.”
She reached up and laid a hand on his throat. “Well, here’s
the problem. If you hurt me, I can tell you this, right now, Jones
is never going to turn that kid back over to you. It’s just not going
to happen.” Her thumb stroked over his skin and that light touch
seemed to echo through every damn inch of him. “Of course, I
realize that isn’t necessarily going to stop you. I remember what
you said you’d do and I’m prepared—”
“Prepared.” He cut her off. Fury and lust tangled inside him
and he lowered her back to the floor. Eyeing the door, he crossed
over to it and grabbed the chair, wedging it under the handle to
keep it shut. It wouldn’t last for long, but he wouldn’t need long
to make his point, he figured. Turning back around, he stared at
Vaughnne. “You have about thirty seconds to use that gun or
you’ll regret it.”
A slim black brow arched.
Then, she laid the gun on the table by the bed. “I’m not using
it on you. I’m not calling Jones. You do what you think you have
to, Gus, but I did what I had to. You want Alex safe. You make
him safe. Eliminate the threat.” Her eyes narrowed and she added
softly, “FYI . . . I am not the threat, but if you’re too stupid—”
The rest of the words were caught against his mouth.

I do want to make a note, I’ve had a number of people email me…paraphrasing here…

I’m not in a book club, but I’d love to review your books…

That’s awesome and I love you, but pretty please, if you want to review them, please contact my various publishers.  This isn’t just about reviews.  It’s that uber-crucial word of mouth and trying to introduce my books to new groups of readers.  As I’ve mentioned recently, I’m probably going to have to end the Grimm series, and the FBI books are going on life-support, thus the need to try something new, get things pumping again for the other books.

Bloggers and reviewers who belong to book clubs are more than welcome to contact me about the book club idea, but if you are solely interested in reviewing, please contact the publishers for review copies.  Thanks… 🙂

If you’re in a bookclub, though, please check out the bookclub page and see if this might be something that interests you.  I’m setting up a mailing list just for the bookclub folks and I’ll be doing the first mailing, soon. If you’d like to be considered for The Protected I need to hear from you.

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