City as setting…

Well… this little town took on a life of it’s own… I guess that counts.


Dwight plucked the report from the folder, studying it.   “Go back out there.  Talk to her again.  Get the story one more time and do another walk through the woods.  See if anything changes.”

As Jennings left the office, Dwight turned away and stared out the window.    Her story wasn’t going to change.   He knew it.

A nice, quiet little town.  He wanted it to stay that way.

Yet he had that itch in his gut.

Something very, very bad was going on.

from If You Hear Her…in the Ash Trilogy

Leah Braemel

Caris Roane

Eliza Gayle

McKenna Jeffries

Selena Blake

Taige Crenshaw

Delilah Devlin

Felicity Heaton

HelenKay Dimon

Lissa Matthews

Myla Jackson

Lauren Dane

Jody Wallace

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  1. This trilogy is awesome, crowding the top contenders for my favorites of your work (hey, it’s hard, I like a lot of what you write).

    I really need to find a way to write a review without spoiling…but it’s hard too.

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