Flashback Fridays…Her Wildest Dreams and a winner!

It’s another friends to lovers… kinky style.

Friday Flashbacks are my older books. 🙂


What in the fuck happened? he thought, bewildered, his chest heaving as he lay on his back staring up at the ceiling. Allie? He had just fucked Allie. And unless he was even more sleep deprived than he thought, it had been the best damn fuck of his life.

With a savage, “Shit,” he got to his feet, gritting his teeth against the lingering pleasure that had him wanting to sink back inside her body. This was Allie, for God’s sake. Bookish, shy, dull little Alison Ryan. Under his breath, he muttered, “I don’t believe this.”

Clenching his jaw, he knelt and lifted her shuddering, skinny body and put her back on the couch. Faint bruises were appearing on her wrists already and a wave of disgust flooded him. This wasn’t one of his women, who were used to rough sex and enjoyed it.

Allie, for pity’s sake.

He walked away to get a wash cloth to clean her up—her cream and his come drying on his cock as he left the room.

He had to get her home.

If he didn’t, he was pretty damn certain he was going to work his cock back inside her tight sheath and fuck her slowly, to see if it felt as good when he was fully awake as it did when he was half asleep.

But he lingered too long in the bathroom. Trying to get his brain in order, his cock under control, and his thoughts together.

When he came out ten minutes later, she had already gathered her things and slipped out the door. He jerked the door open, and stood there naked as he watched her climb into a cab.


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