Beautiful Scars


Beautiful Scars


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going through hell by Gary Allen.

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I shouldn’t do this, shouldn’t be sitting here with him… Blood pulsed inside her veins, a hot, teasing sensation that was far more erotic that she could recall experiencing before.

His free arm caught her, pinned her in place.

“Just how did he make you feel? Did he make you happy?” he whispered.

“We gave each other what we needed,” she said, trying for casual but failing. Her voice skipped, caught.

“No. You scratched an itch,” Marc said. “I’ll give you what you need. What you want… Things you probably don’t let yourself think about.”

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13 Replies to “Beautiful Scars”

  1. Yay!!!
    One of my favorites was Logan Edgington from Shayla Black’s Belong to Me. I still blush when I think about that book!

  2. Sure it’s exciting!!! An example? Raphael talking to Elena in Angel’s Blood by Nalini Singh!

  3. I’m okay with a dirty talking hero. But sometimes it can be too much and doesn’t seem natural. Larissa Ione’s Wraith has a way with words ;).

  4. Sometimes a dirty talking hero is just what you need, depends on the storyline. An example of one I really liked … Jake Wethers from the Mighty Storm.

  5. I like em dirty! My example hmmmm……….Braden from book On Dublin Street.

  6. Dirty talking hero is a hell yes for me! One of my favorite dirty talking hero is Cord Mckay from Lorelei James’ Rough Rider series!

  7. Ooh, I do enjoy them. Maybe one of Elle Kennedy’s? I know there are way more–brain drawing a blank at the moment ;p

  8. I do like a dirty talking hero as long as it fits the book. Once in a while I read a book and it feels like the dirty talk was added after the book was finished. Just out of place. Hmm, a favorite dirty talking hero? I like Cherise Sinclairs Masters of Shadowlands guys. Not all of them are dirty talkers but all of them are straight forward.

  9. Thanks for the win and love love dirty talking heros. I agree Wraith has a way with words lol.

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