It’s a sad sort of weekend…

The news about what happened in Connecticut is probably riding hard on the minds of many this weekend.

I found myself logging into facebook last night and a lot of the ‘funny’ posts that normally have me giggling just had me sighing and I ended up logging back out without doing much more than a quick post on my page.

I can’t do much funny right now.

Friday, I had to fight now to sign my kids out of school, feed them nothing but cake and ice cream… I said on twitter if they’d asked for a pony, I would have bought it for them. I like to think I could have said No, but I just don’t know.  I called their sitter and told her to take the day off, picked them up from school at their regular time.  I got next to no work done… we made Christmas cookies.  We went ice skating.  We went out to eat.

watching baby bratlet draw

My daughter was drawing this and I can only thank God I have her, have all my kids…even as I hurt for the parents who lost this.  There are no words.

Saturday morning, I took them out for breakfast, then we went shopping and I took them all to a local Christmas thing called Kalightoscope…

santa at kalightoscope

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One of the things they had there was a ‘draw on the wall’ and somebody had written this…


How do you find peace or comfort? I didn’t lose a child, but I can’t find peace or comfort…I can’t imagine what they are going through. I’ve lost a child, but never like this. This is my worst nightmare.

So many are saying I don’t understand… how can somebody…

But we’re not supposed to understand this…are we?  This is a monstrosity that should never happen, and if we ever understand it, I think we’re that much closer to…apathy.  To it not hurting.  And that’s another tragedy.

We’re not supposed to understand.  It’s supposed to hurt…all of us.  Maybe it will hurt all of us enough that we can finally find a way to do something to prevent this can of mass attack on children from ever happening again.

That’s my Christmas wish…for now, forever.  And not just for Christmas, but for always.

I don’t want to ever see this again.

And God bless those kids…love and comfort to their families, to all who lost somebody on Friday.