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A different sort of giveaway. I’m giving this away.

About a ginger cat that lives in Scotland.  I want to go to Scotland.  Anyway. Why am I giving this away?  Well, the author went through one hell of a time.  You can read about it here at the Guardian if you want.  Or you can enter to win this book for the child in your life.  You can also donate it to a library or school-your choice.

I’ve ordered one for the baby bratlet.  But I had the urge to buy more than one.  So, I’ll do it this way.  I know some of you have kids in your lives.  Want to give them this book? Enter away!  We have to get them hooked on words young, ya know. Make sure you read the disclaimer…one random winner gets the book. Open internationally.

So…what it?  Tell me a favorite book from childhood.  One of mine?  Bunnicula.

14 thoughts on “The Tobermory Cat…giveaway

  1. Sara Horney

    Thanks for the contest! This book looks like it be perfect for my nieces.
    My favourite book as a child (and even still as an adult) is One Monster After Another by Mercer Mayer.

  2. Shell Bryce

    Hey Shi, I can’t remember too many books from my childhood by name but there were the Beatrix Potter books still hanging around so I would have to say them. I am more reminded of each sons favorite books, Moster at the End of the Book, Where the Wild Things Are, The Stinky Cheese Man and any Dr. Suess.

  3. Jean Paquin

    This would be perfect for my great nephew. I’m so old I don’t remember any books as a young child. My kids favorites were Bonnie Blue Bonnet-about a horse who wore a Bonnie Blue Bonnet and Johnny Go Round-about a cat that chased his tail.

  4. nightsmusic

    I wore out two copies of Charlotte’s Web in grade school. I hated having to turn it in if someone else was waiting for it.

    Your link though for the story behind the book isn’t working for me.

  5. Brenda Gorenc

    When I saw the title I thought of my home Canada… There is a Tobermory in Ontario. My favourite writer as a little girl was Enid Blyton. It wasn’t until recently, while searching for more of her books that I discovered what a tortured life she had. I was only introduced to one book about fairys and elves and hedgehogs and pixies. She was a much more diversified writer than I could ever have imagined. Her life story would make an interesting movie.

  6. Laurie Hunsaker

    I always loved the Little House on the Prairie series, I think it and Nancy Drew series are what hooked me on reading.
    I’ve been following your RTs about this on twitter and would love to share this with my children

  7. Tracy Gilpin

    Thanks for the contest. If I won the book, I would donate it to one of my programs at work. We provide behavioral health services to children in Philadelphia public schools and I’m a firm believer in reading. I enjoyed Beverly Cleary books and Judy Blume books as a child (not to mention the classics like Wuthering Heights)!

  8. Myranda

    My brother and I loved Wacky Wednesday but my mom woyld only read it to us on Wednesdays because it annoyed her. 🙂 When I was older I loved (and still do love) Ella Enchanted, Madeleine L’Engle’s books, Robin Mckinley’s books, etc… I’ve always loved to read. If I won this book I’d save it for my future classroom. I’ll be finishing up my early childhood education degree in the spring. Thanks for the giveaway!

  9. manya spain-becker

    I did not have a favorite book when I was little. Did not get to read much till I went to live with my dad in England. By then I was like in 3 or 4 grade with a kingergarten reading level..long story there!…Hard to believe now I read all the time and so do my kids!! My favorite book to read to them as kids was Run Away Bunny! Even at 13 when she thinks she knows it all and I am the worst I pull it out and sit down with her!

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