More winners…

Another batch of winners…

The winner of the Tobermory Cat:

Jean Paquin

The winner of HelenKay Dimon’s book…


Who posted the following…

“Made him feel less like a vampire or lab subject and more like an ordinary guy.”
Phantom Shadows by Dianne Duvall

Folks, I need you to email me at shilohwalker2011 at Jean, I’ll need your mailing addy and Wendy, if you can, please let me know what format you prefer when you email me.

Thanks folks!

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  1. Shiloh just wanted to say thank you for posting the soldier information…and the update on Ryan’s home address for those birthday cards that might have been sent home. He is stateside now due to family issues…HE is OKAY…had many people wonder if he was injured. He did get a lot of mail sent to him from command but there was a lag between him giving his new address so many were returned. to all that give to our troops..bless YOU

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