Flashback Friday

And look!  This has pretty new cover…

He looked awfully young to be a Santa, Vikky mused as she lowered her butt onto his thigh. The length of leg under her bottom felt damned hard and the skin above his beard, around his eyes, was too smooth for him to be as old as the Santas usually were.

The gray-green eyes gleaming at her over his gold-rimmed, crescent shaped spectacles looked kind of familiar but nobody she knew would take time to work as a Santa in a mall. Even though this was one of the classiest Santa jobs known to man, with the real red velvet suit, the richly painted chair. Hell, most of the stodgy old men she knew from the bank were so damned uptight, they could eat coal and pop out diamonds.

His voice seemed a little strained as he said, “So what kind of Christmas wish do you have, young lady?”

Flicking Cindy a glance, she saw the dare in her eyes, watched as she shook her head. She didn’t think she’d do it. After the weekend she’d just had, she sure as hell would. If for no other reason than to blow off some steam.

And at least he looked young enough for his heart to take it. Inching forward, she curled an arm around his shoulders, waggled her fingers at the camera and smiled before turning to look at Santa.

Lowering her head, she whispered…

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