Today is a ramble… I hit up Devon Monk this time

FYI, winner has until 11/9/2012 to claim prize or she has forfeited the angel’s wing! Added 11/7/2012.

And let me tell you, that was some scary, death-defying biz there.  Do not do what I did.  She’s got like poisoned magic in her house.  She’s nuts.  Anyway.  Go read about it at The Book Vixen’s place.  Win some of the goodies I…ah…acquired…LEGITIMATELY!!! When I…um, accidentally fell into her house.  Yeah, that’s it.

Totally legitimate, right?

Okay, carrying on.  Prize to award…

The winner of the angel feather!

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Linda, I need you to email me… shilohwalker2011 at I’ll need your mailing addy, please! Thanks to all who entered!

A snippet from STOLEN…just a few more days!

“Do you need anything?” he asked.


He stopped and turned, facing her, his hands hanging loose at his sides. “What?”

“Stop moving around so much…and…” she licked her lips, closed her eyes. Then, taking a deep breath, she asked, “Would you maybe just sit with me for a while? I mean…I know you and I aren’t together anymore, and maybe you don’t have anything left in you for me, but I’m feeling kind of…”


She opened her eyes.

He came toward her and stopped just a breath away. One hand came up and cupped her chin. And as those whiskey-gold eyes met hers, all the pain and chaos and misery inside her fell away and once more, she was lost. But it was okay, because she was lost inside him, and that was where she wanted to be, where she needed to be.

“You think I don’t have anything in me for you?” he murmured, lowering his head so that the words were whispered against her lips. “Baby…everything I have in me is for you. You’re my everything. You are it for me. I knew that months ago. And it was killing me that you wouldn’t let me in.”

Read more here, or…ya know.  You can preorder. 🙂

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