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To celebrate the latest release in the Grimm’s Circle series, I’m giving away an engraved pendant from Cadsawan.  **Please note…the above image is not the final.  The final pendant has Grimm’s Circle engraved on the back side.  The image above features both the front and back side (flat side) of the pendant.

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Heigh ho, heigh ho, it’s back to hell she goes…

Grimm’s Circle, Book 7

Myrsina knows the stories. As one of the oldest of the Grimm, she had a hand in writing most of them, but only she knows the dark origin of the Seven Bloody Sisters. It springs from the place of her birth—and her death. A place of pain and misery to which she plans to never return. Unless forced.

When Luc appears on her doorstep, her heart twists with suppressed longing for the man who can never be hers. The only man who can make her do the impossible—go home.

Luc may be blind, but through their unique, bittersweet connection, even he can see that the task laid before them is ripping Sina’s soul apart. This time it isn’t as simple as fighting a demon that has escaped from the netherplains.

Sina must go back in time—to that cursed ground—and right a wrong that she unknowingly brought about. To write a new ending to a story that may give them both a chance at happily ever after. Assuming they survive.



As he was stripping out of his clothes, Luc wondered if maybe Will was right.

As much as he hated to consider that idea—it was a matter of principle, really—he had to consider it, because either he was losing his mind, or he’d felt something very, very much like his own hunger just a few minutes ago.

The problem wasn’t her hunger, though.

And he knew it.

Broodingly, he made his way over to the shower, swearing when he accidentally bumped into the wall. If he’d been here a few more days, it wouldn’t have happened. Or maybe it would have. Buildings weren’t like living creatures and they didn’t give off the vibes he used to paint a mental picture, but he could acclimate after a few days and rarely bumped into anything anymore.

Just another thing to sour his already black mood, although it was nothing compared to what really had him troubled.

And it wasn’t even Sina.

She had him pissed, she had him horny, and if he was around her too long, he suspected she’d leave him hurting.

The bigger problem was what was going on out there in the village, a problem he couldn’t untangle.

Need to clear my mind, he thought as he turned on the shower, adjusting the spray until it came down in a hot, pulsating blast. This was another one of the pleasures of modern life. Showers. Hot, long showers. He loved them. Plain and simple, loved them.

If the water would hold out, he could just stand in there long enough to clear his mind.

That would be ideal.

Blanking his mind, he braced his hands on the tile wall and dipped his head, letting the water pound on his neck and back, groaning in pleasure.

Need to—

A tingle danced along his flesh. Buzzed through his mind.


Slowly, he lifted his head.

Water dripped off his cheeks, nose and chin, but he didn’t move as he tried to remember the placement, everything in the bathroom. The hotel was worn and rundown, but clean. Nicer than he’d expected, really, considering how the outside had looked.

Somebody had done some updates on recently and they tried to cater to younger couples.

There were mirrors all over the fucking bathroom.


And as he stood there, the tingling on his flesh grew more intense and in the very back of his mind, he felt a warmth.

Sina used mirrors. The way he used Krell’s eyes, although her ability wasn’t anywhere as keen as his. Whether it was the inanimate object, whether it was because she didn’t practice as much as he did, or what.

Watching me, Snow White?

The idea might have unsettled him at some other time.

But just then, he was feeling just a little mean. Shoving away from the wall, he eased back, bracing himself against the tile. As the water continued to pour down around him, he rested a hand down his belly…

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29 Replies to “From an Angel’s Wing”

  1. I love Sleeping Beauty. The Disney movie scared me as a kid, hated when Malificent turned into a dragon.

  2. Really liked “Beauty and the Beast”, but there are parts of most tales that I enjoy.

  3. I have always like Hansel and Gretel but I don’t know why. Really loving the Grimm show on television – even have the husband watching -LOL – he keeps waiting for cowboys to show up or a ball game of some sort to start!

  4. Snow White has always been my favorite fairy tale. I’ve read it in many versions and for some reason it has always just been a favorite. I love fairy tales in general though…I read and watch everything I can to see them done in many different ways.

  5. I think my favorite of all times is Stinky Cheese Man. That book just cracks me up and reminds me of when my kids were little.

  6. I love finding different versions of fairy tales…it’s fun to see someone else’s twist on an old story 🙂

  7. My favorite fairy tale is Cinderella. I like the version with Drew Barymore the best.

  8. I’ve always liked the Cinderella story. the fact that anyone can overcome adversity.

  9. I love “twisted” fairy tales. Might be because I’m a Halloween baby – thought everyone was celebrating my birthday until I learned better!


  11. I love this series and the way it takes fairy tales and puts a slightly different twist on them. My favorite fairy tale as a child was Cinderella. sdylion(at)gmail(dot)com

  12. I loved Cinderella as did my son growing up. He would giggle so hard when the cat was after the mice. It never failed to make me smile. Even now when I think back on it.

  13. Loved the book… Luc is just *sigh* such a naughty naughty Prince Charming and Sina is surprisingly vunerable. 🙂

  14. My favorite Fairy Tale is now Once Upon a Time. Not only do I actually get to watch this wonderful new twist but it encompasses every fairy tale out there. I mean where else can you see Hook, Rumplestilskin, Grumpy, Mulan and Charming?

  15. My favorite is Red Riding hood but in my mind it never happens like the old fairy tale.

  16. I think my favorite has to be The Boy and the Wolves… It is a Native American story..

  17. Hi! I just found out about you and your books! Just joined and ready to start reading your books!!

  18. Hmmm…is the Legend of Sleepy Hollow a fairy tale? It ‘s been a favorite of mine since I was a kid. 🙂 I also like Cinerella, Beauty & the Beast and Snow White. LOL

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