Stuff…final day for sale on BLADE SONG

BLIND DESTINY is finally showing up for pre-orders. So far, it’s just  at a few, but the rest will follow.  If you liked BLADE SONG, you might wanna maybe try my Grimm books…it’s more romance heavy, definitely, but it’s still a mix of UF/weird stuff and usually smart mouth heroines.  They come from fairy tales, though.  Sometimes you can recognize them.  Sometimes you can’t.  But I have mad fun writing them.

Anyway, the next one is due out next month…up for preorder now.

Amazon | Samhain | iBookstore

The first one, if you’re curious, is Candy Houses.  You can read more about it here

Starting tomorrow, BLADE SONG will be back at it’s regular price $4.99, so if you want the sale price, you need to grab it now.

Amazon | iBookstore | ARe/OmniLit

I was pretty sick for close to ten days, then dealing with baby bratlet being sick. I think she’s on the mend now-missed a week a school, but hopefully the worst is over. Which means I’ve got serious time to make up for.

I may not be online as much while I’m making up for that lost time.  When I’m not sick, I’m trying to spend less time online on the weekends, in the evenings anyway so I can spend more time with my family and while I’m making up for lost time, I may be scarce.

But sometime soon, I shall have the cover for NIGHT BLADE.   I have seen it. It’s awesome.