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Saturday Snippets

Okay, this is from my current WIP, a new RS series…coming out sometime in the future (don’t ask when, not sure…not sure at all) from St. Martins.

It’s a small town romantic suspense, sorta like the Ash trilogy in tone.


Bit by bit, she pulled away from him.

Noah saw it happening and although he couldn’t say he was surprised, it did bother him.  He wished he could get her to trust him.  He’d hoped that what this was.  But she hadn’t laid herself bare because she trusted him.  She’d done it because she wanted to push him away.

Keeping him at a distance seemed to most crucial thing for her.

Too bad, because the more time that passed, the more determined he was to do anything but keep at a distance.

Once dinner was done, they headed back up Main Street.  A cool breeze kicked up off the river and the feel of it made him smile.  “Fall might come yet,” he murmured, reaching down and catching her hand in his.  When she didn’t pull away, he told himself that was something.  Not much.  But something.

“Fall?”  She smiled faintly.  “Did you forget it like devil weather outside today?  Almost a hundred.”

“Heat index put it close to a hundred.  And now it’s in the low eighties.  A sign of fall.”  He shrugged.  “We’ll get weather like that in October sometimes.  Push up into the nineties and drop down in the sixties overnight.  Drives me crazy.  But at least it’s cooling off.”

“Hmmm.  So.”  She pursed her lips.  “Lovely weather we’re having.”

He chuckled.  “And now we’re talking about the weather.  Wonderful date chat, huh?”

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