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A hodge-podge…

Eloisa James… (yes, THE Eloisa James) liked FRAGILE! Check out her BN column:

The emotional toll of being a soldier — whose job is both to protect and to kill — takes center stage in this complicated, thoughtful, and ultimately heroic novel.

Want to read a Grimm short story?  ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD was initially published in THE MAMMOTH BOOK OF HOT ROMANCE but I’m making it available for free.  It will eventually be up on Amazon, Nook, etc, (that takes a little longer to get distributed since it’s a freebie-blame Amazon, BN, etc…I have no control over this.  It’s been uploaded, but it takes them longer to put the free titles out.)  However, you can read it now at the following sites.

Goodreads  (click to go to book’s page)

Goodreads epub download link-download MIGHT start immediately-you’ve been warned)




And if this works… it will embed it immediately.

All the Time in the World

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