Wreck This Life…

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Contemporary romance… Seventeen years ago, they were the darlings of a popular sitcom, but now they are all grown up.  Zach has loved her all his life, Abby has no idea.  Now he’s a tattoo artist, she runs a catering business.


Mentally, he sighed.  Shoving a hand through his hair, he glanced away from her, tried to find something else to look at, focus on, thinking about.

Her hand touched his shoulder.

Zach and looked back her.  His heart seemed to jump up into his throat as she closed the distance between them.

Everything in the world faded away as she pushed up onto her toes.

And then, as she leaned in and pressed her lips to his, Zach realized this was what it was like to have a dream actually come true.  As her mouth parted under his, he was almost certain he was dying.  Maybe he’d already died.  Yeah.  He’d been eating something, choked, died and now he was heaven.

Except wasn’t no way Zach would end up there, he figured.

So maybe Abby really was kissing him. Groaning, he reached for her and hauled her closer, pulling her to stand between his legs.  With one arm wrapped around her waist, he slid his free hand up her back and tangled his hand in the crazy, soft curls of her hair.  Soft as silk, just like he remembered.

And her mouth was sweet, every bit as sweet as he remembered, but fuck, there was no director, no crew, no brilliant stage lights shining down and this kiss wasn’t choreographed or scripted.

Abby wasn’t kissing him because she had to, wasn’t kissing him because it was in some fucking script and she wasn’t going to pull away and make some stupid joke to break the tension.

Abby was kissing him, damn it.

It was real.

Real, and he was going to make the most of it…

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