Taking a page from Fifty Shades

Hey, all the pubs are doing it. I might as well too, right?

So Hunters Ben and Shadoe is just about ready to roll.  Just polishing up the blurb and I’ll have it uploaded and out to you all in a while.

But you know, this self publishing business is expensive.  I thought I’d cut some corners and save some cash and do my own cover.  I mean, the focus on one item instead of the typical romance cover, the basic treatment seems to be doing wonders for 50, and a bunch of publishers are doing similar themes, right?  Hey, even my nemesis Meljean tried her hand at it, see?

So why not?  I can do this.  So I spent ten minutes all day searching for the right image to convey the tone for HUNTERS BEN AND SHADOE.  Not wolves.  They didn’t work.  Not elegant enough.  But, hey… WITCHES!

Then I (spent ten minutes on picmonkey) slaved over the cover.

I present you with the new and improved theme for the Hunters books.

Whaddya think?  O.O


Damn. Okay.

Here’s the real cover…

I’m hoping to have it all done in the next few days.  Depends on how long it takes to get it up on Amazon/Nook once I get the the blurb all finished.


** this is all meant in jest.  FYI, I have an odd sense of humor.  

Image via the morgue files

UTA:  In non-goofy news… YAY!  The ebook price finally dropped to match the paperback price on FRAGILE…

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  1. I get your sense of humor :o)

    I wish I never, ever had to hear anything about 50 Shades again, but you made me laugh about the damned thing, and that’s better than gnashing my teeth. ;o)

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