We Are Family… (snippets and a reader Q)

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Today’s Saturday Snippet… it’s all about family.  (there’s also been some questions about Broken, and since Fragile comes first…well, it’s a nice seque.  Question is answered at the bottom!)

From Fragile…releasing in mass market in August


Set – up… Luke is former military…they just buried a friend.  Quinn is his twin brother.

Luke found Quinn in his cramped apartment two miles away, soaked to the bone and sitting on the floor in the living room.  He still wore his Class A uniform, the tie askew, jacket unbuttoned.  His head rested against the couch and he didn’t stir even when Luke flicked on the lights and came to sit down beside him.

“You regret leaving?” Quinn asked after a while.

Luke shook his head, replied softly, “No.”  He shrugged restlessly, his eyes roaming over the bare walls of the apartment.  No pictures, no calendars, nothing but bare white walls.  Empty.  “I miss you.  Sometimes the guys.  But I don’t regret leaving.”

Quinn closed his eyes. “I’m glad you’re gone.  Today, saying bye to Adam–kept thinking if you’d stayed, it could have been you we’d been burying.  Four of us, man, four of us gone and I keep thinking I’m damn glad my brother ain’t with us any more.”

Luke snorted.  “Yeah, and I keep worrying I’ll get a knock on my door.  I don’t want to bury you, Quinn.”

“You won’t.”  There was an odd edge to his voice and Luke glanced over, saw a weird light glittering in his brother’s eyes.  “Dying’s too easy.  I don’t ever get the easy way.”

“Jeb said a woman got killed.”

Quinn jerked like somebody had stabbed him with a branding iron, coming off the ground in one fast move.  He crossed the room in long, erratic strides, coming to a stop by the wall where he braced his hands against it and lowered his head.  “Don’t, Luke.  I–I can’t……” his voice broke.

Grief swamped him, all but broke him.  Luke could feel it radiating off his twin, could the echo of it swarming through him as he slowly stood.  Quinn edged away as he heard Luke coming, spun around and gave him a wild eyed stare.

“Leave it alone, damn it,” he snarled.  “Get the hell away from me.”

Luke shook his head.  “You know I can’t.  You want to get mad, go ahead.  But I’m not leaving.”

Quinn abruptly sagged to his knees.  Luke settled down beside him and as Quinn started to cry, he slid an arm around his twin’s shoulders, felt the sting of tears burn his own eyes.

For the longest time, there was no sound but Quinn’s low, harsh sobs.  Then they faded away to erratic, unsteady breaths……and then silence.

“You find what you’re looking for, Luke?  Did you ever find it?”

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So…. I keep getting emails asking:

Q: Will Broken be going in mass market?

A:  Well…that’s kind of up to you guys.  Fragile is the first title, and if it does well in mass market?  Then yes, Broken will probably be released in mass market as well.  If it doesn’t? Then probably not.   So, um…well?  GO BUY!  😉 If you want to.  But, in all honesty, it does boil down to Fragile‘s success.  The better it does?  The more likely you all will be to see the second book in mass market.  You can preorder here…

BAMM | B & N | Book Depository | IndieBound | Amazon | Powell’s

If you’re into ebooks, yes, the price should drop on it after the mass market version is released.  🙂

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  1. Read both books and loved them, especially Quinn!! Something about him I just wanted to wrap him up and love all over him, although he probably wouldn’t have liked it but to bad;). They were both great tho.

  2. Lost both books in Trade PB format back over Labor Day in 2011 wildfire which took many homes in Bastrop County along with ours.

    Pre-ordered a copy in MMPB last night of Fragile am eagerly awaiting October so can read it and my used Trade copy of Broken will be traded in for a new MMPB copy if it ever comes out in that format as well, fingers crossed!

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