Leaving…on a jet plane

No.  In a rental car.  But it never sounds as well like that.

We’re heading to Pennsylvania for a few days where the kids will ride roller coasters and glut on chocolate (I’m assuming) and I will go to Gettysburg.



That is the plan for Pennsylvania.





While I’m in New York…I am signing books. IN NEW YORK CITY! I feel like real author now. O.O

Are you in New York City? Wanna come see me get stupid because I feel like REAL. AUTHOR. NOW. signing. books. in. New. York.

Yes. I’m excited about this.

The details!

New York


Posman Books

9 Grand Central Terminal

Drinks/Drinks to follow

info (link will take you to facebook…if you’re not on FB, that’s fine.  Just know it starts at 6pm and we head out for drinks and dinner afterward.  No.  I’m not buying drinks and dinner for everybody.  I’m a REAL. AUTHOR. NOW…but I’m not a rich one.  Dang it.)

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