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Kung-fu Fighting…

Fight scenes!


“Oh, trust me.  Nobody hear wants to take a bite out of me.”  I tapped my nails on the table, keeping my hand away from my blade.  “I’m too stringy.”

“You’ll do.”  He bent down and peered at me.  “Get out.  Get out.  You’re in shifter territory which means if you get fucked over, it’s your own damned fault.”

When I didn’t move, he did.  I don’t know if he was going to grab me or hit me nor did I really care.

Shoving the booth back from the table, I jumped into a crouch, hand gripping my sword.  Three men had eased forward, surrounding him.  The man seemed to think they wanted to play.  “There’s not enough for everybody, boys,” he said, laughing.

“Chang?” one of them said.

“She can have him if she wants him.”

One gaped at him.

Another just shoved him at me.

Others took the big bastard down.

I wasn’t paying too much attention, though, because the fucker coming at me had decided to change his skin and there was nothing less attractive than a wererat in the nude.

Muscles bulged in places they shouldn’t and his legs were all out of proportion.  He shouldn’t be able to move well, if life and science were fair, but he could.  As he came at me with a screaming sort of hiss, I held steady until the very last second and then moved, burying my sword deep, deep into the cavity of his chest.

I shoved forward with all the strength I had in me as I did so, riding him down.

He wasn’t strong and his body had frozen as he took the silver of my blade into him. Now I was crouched on top of that misshapen body, smelling the way the silver burnt him, the stink of it in my nostrils and while his body trembled and writhed under mine.

“Now.  Who were you calling meat?”

From Night Blade, the second Colbana Files book, my other me series.

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