Wreck This Life

So my first full length contemporary romance is done, and mailed off to my editor.  This was just contracted and the release date, blurb, etc… all of that is still a ways off, but here’s an excerpt.

The breath caught in her lungs as their gazes locked.

Things that she wanted that she couldn’t see…Shit.  Right now the problem was that she knew exactly what…no…she knew who she wanted.  But it wasn’t a good idea…

He reached up and tugged on her hair.  “So what’s the other thing you planned on doing, Abby?”


The word almost jumped out of her.  She had to fight to keep it locked inside and not just because it sounded trashier than hell.  She wasn’t exactly planning on doing a man.  She’d planned an affair.  A torrid affair. With a hot guy.

Yet the only guy she could even imagine this with right now was Zach.


That familiar smile of his, a little devious, a little wicked, curled his lips as he twined one of her curls around his finger.  “What is it, Abby?  You weren’t planning something really bad, were you?  Going to rob a bank?  Get a part-time job as a stripper?”

She snorted and eased back away from him, reminding herself that she needed to breathe.  She needed to think.  That was what she needed to do.  “Sure, Zach.  I’m going to become the Stripper Bank Robber.  I’ll wear a mask and a G-string and pasties.”

“Can I be your get-away driver?  I’d love to see this,” he teased, his voice husky.

And the look in his eyes was…

Whoa.  Her mouth went dry and again, her skin felt all hot and tight.  She couldn’t seem to suck in enough oxygen.  “Well, you’ll just have to picture it your dreams.  Stripping and bank-robbing weren’t on the list.”

“I dunno…”  A wicked light glinted in his eyes and he leaned in closer.  “You look awful guilty, sugar.  Just what else is on the list?”

Get up.  Walk away. You need to think

That voice,  the voice of reason, the voice of sense, the voice she’d listened to her entire adult life, seemed to shriek at her, blaring a warning loud and long as she stared at him.

Another voice, though, softer, sly and seductive, whispered, You said you’d stop worrying.  You wanted to live…

Again…I have no info on this, and that’s about as much as I’m willing to share right now. 🙂  I’ll post more later on.

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  1. And as usual it sounds great! Good luck and I hope you hear soon!!!

  2. I get so confused about all these different catagories. How is this considered your first full length contemporary romance? It seems like so many of your past stories like Her Best Friend’s Lover would qualify for that catagory. That story, by the way, was my first Shiloh Walker experience and still holds a spot on in my Super Hot! Folder on my Kindle.

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