Sexy Little Surprises.. my first book…sorta…

Under my new name, that is.  If you missed my post, I’m going to be writing my shorter contemporaries and urban fantasy under the name J.C. Daniels.

No, they aren’t any other pen names.  Yes, it was kind of necessary.  The J.C. Daniels site is here…and for the curious, it’s just a play of the names of some people very important to me.


Alexis wondered if he knew what to make of the book.

She sort of doubted it.

He hadn’t even realized the card’s quote had been from Ovid, a classical poet who Alexis had very much adored.

Ah, hapless me, Love’s arrow did but all too surely find its mark. On fire am I, and Love, and none but Love now rules my heart that ne’er was slave till now.

It had almost made her tear up that year when he’d given her an old-fashioned valentine with a quote from one of the world’s classic poet’s.

Sighing, she stood at the stove and stared at the clock.

It was almost six.

She didn’t know why she was bothering with dinner.

It wasn’t like he’d be home before seven or eight.


Front door, the alarm system chimed. Disarm system now.

Startled, she glanced up and moved away from the stove, drying her hands off on one of the towels.

When she saw him there, striding down the hall toward her, it almost hit her like a fist.

Swallowing, she turned back to the stove.

A minute, damn it.

She needed a minute.

Her hands shouldn’t be shaking like this.

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