Saturday Snippets…author’s choice!

From Blade Song… since I’m closer to being ready to…well.  Stuff.  No release date or anything, although I’m pushing for this summer. Not sure of formats, etc yet either.  Those are the details I’m still hammering out.

Today’s saturday snippet… author’s choice!

“What’s your range on calling it?” He stood up, still eying the sword. “Are there other weapons or is it just that one?”

As he took a step closer, I lifted her. “Please stay away.”

“I thought we had a truce,” he murmured. A smile tugged at his lips.

If I didn’t know what a bastard he was, I might have almost believed the smile. “Doesn’t mean I want you getting close to me.”

He eyed the sword, then me. “You can’t really hold it like that forever. I can just stand here until you lower it. All I want to do is talk, Kit.”

“I can hold it a lot longer than you might think.” Memories of drills danced through my mind. Fanis had broken the bones in my forearm when I was twelve because my guard got shaky. When the same thing happened at fourteen with a heavier weapon—a battle-axe—she’d broken my right humerus and my collarbone. I knew how to hold my guard, and despite what he thought, I was stronger than humans.

“So you’re going to stand there and have a pissing contest over nothing rather than an answer to a question?” His smile widened and his gaze dropped, staring at my tits as though the close-fitting tank top wasn’t even there. “Okay. I’ll just enjoy the view.”

Hissing, I lowered the blade and spun away.

Spying a T-shirt thrown over a nearby chair, I grabbed it and stalked over to my bed. Once more, I kept it between us as I put the blade down. “Take it again, and I’ll just call it back,” I said flatly, jerking the T-shirt on over my head.

I didn’t even have time to gasp for a breath.

He was right there.

A hand on my neck held me in place. Swearing, I flexed my wrist. “Go ahead,” he said, his voice gruff. “I’m not…”

I tensed as I felt his hand catch the hem of the shirt I’d pulled on.

“What in the holy hell happened to your back?”

I clenched one hand into a fist. Closing my eyes, I just stood there.

Seconds ticked away, bled into minutes.

He didn’t ask again.

Finally, he let go.

I didn’t open my eyes again until I heard the door close behind him.

I didn’t move for a good ten minutes. I wasn’t sure if I could. If I moved, I just might shatter.

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  1. Come on we have to know about her back… Love the Saturday snippets. i put lots of books on my wish list after reading them.

  2. This sounds like it will be a dark book. The relationship is started, but what ever they are fighting about may keep them apart. Her back does sound interesting, but considering the previous injuries, I suspect she shows scars from lashes. This will be a TBR book for sure.

  3. Definitely a different voice, are you planning on publishing through Samhain for the J.C.Daniels pseudonym?

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