Make-up scene… Saturday Snippets… from my UF project

So this is from the urban fantasy thing… don’t ask what’s up with it, because I can’t tell you yet.

But here’s today’s Saturday snippet…make-up scene!!!

A rather queer look settled over his face as he lifted his head to study me. “So that’s how you do it.”

Was there really any point in responding to that? I twirled my wrist, satisfaction settling inside me. Having somebody else touch this blade was like having somebody combing through my underwear drawer or something. Maybe even worse.

“That’s why you’re always popping your wrist or wiggling it when you’re worked up, isn’t it?”

Staring at him, I held her at ready. “Are you going to leave me alone or not? I’ve still got reports to go through and I’m tired.”

“What’s your range on calling it?” He stood up, still eying the sword. “Are there other weapons or is it just that one?”

As he took a step closer, I lifted her. “Please stay away.”

“I thought we had a truce,” he murmured. A smile tugged at his lips.

If I didn’t know what a bastard he was, I might have almost believed the smile. “Doesn’t mean I want you getting close to me.”

He eyed the sword, then me. “You can’t really hold it like that forever. I can just stand here until you lower it. All I want to do is talk, Kit.”

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