Dear people who keep hunting for “free download of the HUNTERS”

**UTA: this post is in no way directed at those who’ve helped support my books by… ya know… obtaining them legally. Libraries, buying them, trading thru used bookstores, all of that is actually legit and legally and it didn’t add to the death of the series. Pirates, though? Please… read on.

Gee… did you land on this page because you were looking for FREE DOWNLOADS OF THE HUNTER BOOKS?

Did you know the series was cancelled? Want to know why?


Those FREE downloads you keep looking for? They weren’t free. They cost me a series, they cost me money…and they also cost you future books.

No love,


courtesy of Mandy M Roth

12 Replies to “Dear people who keep hunting for “free download of the HUNTERS””

  1. It’s so sad that there are so many nasty people out there that like to steal from authors. It makes me sick. It’s one thing to win a copy of work and quite another to take it. I believe in Karma and they will get theirs.
    Thank you. I love your work.

  2. People that do not understand the concept of theft of intellectual property rights continue to baffle me. The same people that would never dream of stealing a car or robbing a bank think nothing of downloading hundreds of copyrighted songs, books or movies off of the Internet and make the most self serving arguments to justify their craven behavior.

    Societies have supported bards and artists since our days as cavemen. They have
    been the keepers of our histories, teachers of our youth, dreams of new ideas and the path to our tomorrows. To steal from them is to poison the font of the creativity.

  3. Do you want to bet there will be some asshats around who complain about your daring to stop writing the books they like?

    It’s the same asshats who claim creators should be grateful and flattered someone steals their intellectual property (be it via plagiarism or via pirating)

    People capable of consider those two things true, are incapable of seeing the relationship between their theft and the end of what they steal.

  4. I say that we use them as punching bags… I hate when people don’t view stealing books as stealing..

    ((HUGS)) to Shiloh!!

    *Down with Piracy!!!*

  5. Nah, no violence on them, but I really, REALLY want the bums to know they can thank themselves for contributing to the death of a series. #rockon pirates. Sigh.

  6. Hey Shi, this mkaes me very sad because I enjoy the Hunters very much and these thieves obviously don’t have the decency to think of anyone but themselves…..someday I hope they get what they deserve.

  7. I. Pay for my books. People think since no one sees them; its not stealing. It is so wrong!

  8. Sorry to hear about your woes…and disappointing that there are people with so little respect out there. Hopefully karma will eventually kick in.

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