The third problem…from that UF I’m working on

This is the second book.  Want to read some of the first? Go here.  (you have to register to read everything I’ve posted, but it’s like 15% of the book).

“Kit.  Introduce him to the third problem,” Damon said, crouching down by me.

“Sure.”  I twisted the blade again.  “You sure you don’t want to just kill yourself, rat?”

He spat in my face.

“Oh.  That was stupid.  But hey, it’s your funeral…and since you’re a shifter, you’re entirely welcome to try and throw yourself on the mercy on the largest governing shifter population.”  I stood up.  I wiped the saliva from my chin and jerked my blade out of his skinny chest and watching as his injured form melted back into his human one.  “Meet your biggest problem.”

As Damon moved forward, I smiled.  “This is the new Alpha.  He’s also…mine.”

3 Replies to “The third problem…from that UF I’m working on”

  1. OMG!!! Squeee yes!!

    also will Jason chan be doing the cover? Because that would be beyond awesome! XD

    also does this mean your agent sold this series?
    Also thank you for answering the question on ash and A Stroke of Dumb Luck, I can’t remember if I answered back with thanks *facepalm*

    Best of Luck 🙂

  2. @Lea… at this point, no, the series hasn’t sold. I’m hoping, but things aren’t panning out the way I’d like.

    I do have options, but it’s just a matter of working it out.

    However, those other options? Eh, I suspect Jason Chan is out of my price range. He does awesome work, though, doesn’t he?

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