My new toy…

I have a thing for cameras.  I love taking pictures.  I’ve never bought a camera on impulse, though. Um.  Until now.  It seduced me with it’s mega pixels and special features and shininess.  The Nikon D5100.  Sold in many places, but you can’t have mine…

LOOK!  SEE!  Pretteh picture!

5 Replies to “My new toy…”

  1. Nice picture.
    Oh by the way I just read the snippet for The Reunited, I love it!!!

  2. I bought a Canon T1i last year after doing a small amount of research. Would love a D series unfortunately, it’s just not in the budget. My family does the Renaissance Faire in our are and I love some of the pix I get now!

  3. Ooooo! Shiny!!

    So are those azaleas or rhododododendrons? (I can never remember how many dodos there are in that!)



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