Saturday Snippets…first time they meet!

How about the first time Law & Nia meet?  Cuz I like this meeting…

The door opened to reveal an Amazon. That was his very first thought.

His second thought was that he didn’t how in the hell she’d ended up on his property, but he wanted to know so he could send whoever a thank you card.

Her eyes…Shit. Her eyes.

They were the palest shade of gold he’d ever seen, paler than whiskey, but just as potent, just as strong.  Mysterious and beautiful.

They stared into his, revealing nothing.

Her skin was the color of coffee and cream, warm and smooth and delicious.

The leather jacket she wore seemed too damn warm for the weather they were having, but it suited her.  Just like the plain black t-shirt suited her, just like the worn and faded jeans suited her.

He imagined black silk would suit her every bit as well.  Black silk, pearls, red lipstick on that lush mouth.  Or even nothing at all.  Lust punched through him with a force that damn near leveled him.

She lifted a black brow at him.

Those lush lips parted and she said, “Are you Reilly? Law Reilly?”

Oh, shit. She was here looking for him.

Maybe fate had decided to smile on him.

He stepped aside and gestured her inside.  “I am.  And what can I do for you, Ms…?”

“Nia.  Call me Nia.”  The thick black fringe of her lashes swept down, shielding down her eyes.  A faint smile curled her lips up as she sauntered inside, her hips swaying from side to side.  He turned and admired the view as he shut the door.

“You’ve got a gorgeous house.”

You’ve got a gorgeous ass, he thought.  But he kept those words behind his teeth—barely.  Nia.  He liked that.

She shot him a look over her shoulder.

There was a strange look in her eyes, a mix of something…it bordered on satisfaction and contempt.   With a smug grin curling her lips, she turned around and faced him from in the middle of the hallway.

“So.  You’re Law Reilly.”

Somewhere in the back of his head, a siren started to wail.

He really, really needed to listen to it.

But he was still so caught up in staring at her…it was until she had that gun pointed at his head that he fully realized there was a problem.

FYI, keep in mind, this trilogy should be read in order.  If you wanna read more? Go here

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