Just shoot me now…


I’m going on a week now of being sick and I have to go see the doctor again.  Something really has my asthma jacked up.  I don’t I was this bad when I had pneumonia a few years ago. What really sucks is the fact that we’re supposed to be going out of town on vacation, too.

Needless to say, I’m behind on email and such. It’s kind of at the point to where I’m barely dragging myself out of of bed.  Guess I’ll be sleeping all vacation.

If you waiting on email responses, I haven’t forgotten I have email, I promise.  I’m just sort of conserving brain power.  Oxygen.  Everything… O.o for the next couple of weeks, I’m probably going to be running on subhuman levels and I’ll get caught up once vacation is over and I feel like I can breathe without a ten pound weight on my chest.

In the meantime…Hunters Jonathan and Lori is now up on Nook, Kindle, ARe, etc

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