Saturday Snippets…

FYI, this is an UF I wrote and I have no idea what I’m doing with it.  I’m hoping to sell it but this is a new genre for me so it’s kind of up in the air and I’m not saying anything else about it, either. O.o

I’m supposed to post something romantic.  For the guy in this…this is about as romantic as he gets.

His mouth brushed over mine as he whispered, “You stood by the body of a dead kid, a wolf you didn’t know and I saw the grief in your eyes and it gutted me.  You had no reason to care, but you did.  I knew, then, even if the Alpha wasn’t issuing threats you would have done everything you had to do to find Doyle…that was when I really started to slip.  But I’d already done the damage and I couldn’t undo it, could I?”

Reaching up, I laid my hand over his.  “If you couldn’t undo the damage, pal, you wouldn’t be in bed with me.”

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  1. But it is romantic; being wanted, being loved that’s what it takes.
    Your snippet sounds good and I hope we get to read the rest of the story.

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