The Departed…Giveaway…part 3

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More for the goody bag! And if the winner doesn’t claim this one?  I eat these. (FYI, the winner must check back to claim the prize-if you think you might forget, try setting up a google alert.  It’s easy, I promise…)

From The Departed…

“Would you just think for a minute?” he snarled. “It’s not like you don’t need the time off.”

“But three months?” Her voice broke. She couldn’t . . . three months. The voices . . . no. The ghosts that haunted her all too often. They pulled her from her sleep if she didn’t seek them out. She couldn’t go three months—even thinking about it was enough to make her head threaten to split, that darkness edging up on her. It was hard enough to get through a week without following those whispers. As long as she answered them, she could stay sane. But if she didn’t . . .

Now he wanted her to take three months away from it?

And three months without seeing him?

He doesn’t want to see you anyway.

Yeah, she was getting that picture.

“You need to take the time off,” he said flatly. “And you need to rest. And we . . . need time to get our heads on straight.” Something she couldn’t quite read moved through his eyes as he studied her face.

She couldn’t read it, but it hurt—left her heart aching and empty.

Get our heads on straight.

In other words, he wouldn’t change his mind, wouldn’t try to find a way to make things work—even though she knew, without a doubt, he had feelings for her.

“What’s the purpose of getting our heads on straight? Tell me that.” Oh, hell. Even she could hear the catch in her voice now.

“We have to get back on even footing.”

“Or . . . ?”

He didn’t answer.

Dez swallowed. “Shove your three months,Taylor. I quit.”

I quit—

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Adding in today…a few of my favorite things.  From the local candy store, Schimpffs…which I love, and adore…yummy.

To enter… tell me one favorite memory from childhood.  I always loved getting things like this.  I can’t remember when I first had a white chocolate sucker from Schimpffs, but it was love, I tell you.  LOVE.

The contest runs through the first week of January, when The Departed releases…

All names entered will go into the pot.  One winner will be drawn at the end of the contest and posted here.  Make sure you read my disclaimer-the winner is responsible for checking back to see if they’ve won- (hint…you can always set up a google seach for your name/whatever handle you see use.  Good way to keep track of contests).

Entering means you agree to the rules and that you’ve read the disclaimer.

More prizes will be randomly added with each giveaway post. (Or that’s the plan…).  Entries must be made at my blog, not via facebook, twitter, GR, etc)

40 Replies to “The Departed…Giveaway…part 3”

  1. Every year for Valentine’s Day, my Dad would have a heart shaped box of chocolates for us. We had to share when money was tight, but there was always one there.

  2. My grandmother used to get us all the candies that you can only buy at the holidays. My brother just found one at a local grocery that was our favorite and probably bought every bag in the store! We were eating candy like little kids last night!

  3. my favorite memory is being together with my 13 cousins at my Grandmother’s. we would take over her tiny town.

  4. Playing dreidel with my family during chanukah. I don’t like chocolate so I would give my gelt (chocolate coins) to them and have a coffee ice cream milk shake instead.

  5. Funny, I had completely forgotten about it until reading your post… When I was a kid, every year at easter we (myself and my two sisters) got new skipping ropes from the Easter Bunny. What fun we had! (We resisted the urge to tie up our brother.)

  6. One of my favorite memories when I was kid was going to the little country store and getting a paper bag full of penny candy. It was so fun to pick out the candy.

  7. One of my favorite memories from childhood was when they held back the water from Niagara Falls to examine the erosion. My grandfather took care of the elevators for Otis so he had special access to the base of the river. One day he took my brother and me to walk along the river bed. I was about 6 and collected a few little rocks. He put them in a glass case for me and I still have them.

  8. My grandparents owned a diner when I was very little. When my mom needed to run errands in town she would drop me off at the diner. Sometimes they would let me work. At the age of 6 I could take an order and bus tables. I made pretty good tips too. They only let me work the tables of one or two regulars. Everyone had fun with it.

  9. My favorite childhood memory is how my mom was always able to Santa’s presents in without me being any wiser lol. Great prizes.

  10. My favorite childhood memory is riding my bike to the library and loading up on new books to read. That was my very favorite thing to do as a kid.

  11. When I was young, my father used to take us kids to FAO Schwartz for us to play with the toys. We didn’t have enough money to take any home, but the playing with the new toys was most of the fun.

  12. My favorite childhood memory is going to my Grandma’s house. She used to own a store. It closed many years ago, but the building was still next door. We played in there for many, many hours.

  13. I remember my great-grandma “sneaking” some maraschino cherries from the bottle while my grandmother and I were making pineapple upside down cake. She’d pull a few out and hold her finger up to her lips to shush me and my grandma would pretend she didn’t see. I miss them both.

  14. I remember when I was about five and we went to Rockefeller Center to see the Christmas tree.

  15. A favorite childhood memory is when my dad would bring cake and pop in to my class for my birthday.

  16. oooooooooooooooohhhhhh!!!

    When my brothers–all older than me–allowed me to play their games with them, instead of pushing me to play dolls with my sister (she’s older than me by 13mos and loves dolls. Me? I wanted to climb trees and play hide and seek, and explore old ruins and…)

  17. I don’t want to be a sad sack, but this has been on my mind. My favorite memories from my childhood are at Christmas– my dad was, and is, a very cynical, depressed man–very strict– and right now we are barely speaking, but I can say that no matter what his mood year round, he was great at Christmas. We may not have had a lot of money, but he always laughed and was in a good mood at Christmas. That really meant a lot to me, and still does. It gave me an idea what parents should be like year round, and I’d like to think I’m like that with my kids all the time.

  18. When i was young we would go to midnight mass then once we go home we get to eat hot chocolate and yummy pastries!

  19. Getting together at my Grandmere and Grandpere’s house New Year’s Eve with all the aunts and uncles, nieces and nephews, great aunts and great uncle; it felt like the house would break under all the amount of people present there. we would eat and be merry. At the stroke of midnight we would ask the head of the family, my Grandpere to bless us all!

  20. i rememerb my granmother walk to school (we lived vrery close) and got me, to just walk with her . not really doing anything. as i think about it now, it seems weird. but anyways i loved it, i had her all to myself and she listened to me

  21. I think one of my favorite memories was going to the library. We lived pretty far out of town so we would make a special trip. i read so fast even then that I would scour the shelves for books on fairytales and mythology that I had not read, when I was done with them I moved on to science fiction. We were pretty poor at the time so that was our special treat.

  22. Oh Wow! Seeing this picture brought back memories of back when I was a kid, we used to get poured candy lolipops around the holidays. They would come in a small assortment holiday shapes (Christmas tree, sleigh etc) in red, green and clear. I haven’t thought about them in years. Just thinking about them makes me smile.

  23. It’s hard to pick one favorite memory. But I think the picture triggered a food memory! I loved making chocolate jumbles with my mom for Christmas. We’d roll out the dough and then meticulously use cookie cutters to make them into stars, reindeer, and bells. Then I couldn’t wait until they were cool to frost them-generally had more frosting on me than on the cookies. Just thinking about it makes me want a dozen right now!

  24. My favorite memory would have to be every Christmas my aunt would get us those count down calenders that had the little chocolate candy pieces in them!!! U keep writing and i’ll keep buying! God bless u and urs Shiloh!

  25. When I was a little girl, my parents used to rent a beach house. The area didn’t have a ton of stores around, so we would go to this little grocery that was like a deli. It was so much fun to go there because they had an entire counter with candy and specifically these styrofoam airplanes that did “tricks” in the air. My dad would let me & my brother pick out a new plane when we went and then we would go home and fly them in the yard. The planes usually made it for a few flights before needing repairs, but it was a ton of fun throwing them around.

  26. when i was growing up they sold a sucker called a Slap Stick. it was made out of salt water taffy and caramel that saw swirled together. the taffy was yellow(banana),pink(strawberry?),and white(vanilla?).
    i was addicted to them. you could buy them for 25-45 cents when i first found them and now you have to go thru a specialty store that sells candy from back other decades. if you want to see the, or other candy you have been looking for i went to oldtimecandy dot com. the slap stick is about 70 cent each now or $20.00 for 36.

    i hope you had a great Christmas/holiday(however you celebrate). may all of your dreams and wishes for the New Year come true.

  27. My favorite childhood memory is to make desserts with my mother (even now).
    Thank you for the giveaway!

  28. My favorite memories are playing outside with my sister and the neighbors. We had a big yard when I was in grade school and we always had a lot of fun.

  29. My brother is 6 yrs older than me. So sometimes he would let “beat him up” as a 7 or 8 could. I always thought that was great.

  30. Favorite childhood memory – Getting together with family at the holidays. Eating until exploding. Sitting around talking and laughing! I want to give my kids that experience.

  31. My mom used to make me peanut butter fudge each year from my birthday. I always picked this over any type of cake cause it was my favorite treat. Since my birthday is right before Christmas (20th) I still think of Fudge & Christmas together.

  32. My favorite memory is sitting with my mom when she was pregnant with my sister (whom we thought brother at the time) and her telling me that I should say hi to my little brother

  33. We used to have these excellent chocolate/mint chew bars called White Knights. They still (allegedly) make them now but they’re so not as good. When I was a kid, they’d last for ages, the chewy mint nougat in the middle was really hard and would stretch and stretch until it finally came apart from the main bar and then it would get stuck in your jaws as you chewed and chewed. The chocolate around the outside just made it a wonderfully yummy mess. I think they changed the recipe because they took so long to eat, you didn’t need to buy them very often!

  34. One of my favorite childhood memories is having my Grandpa come pick me up for the weekend then stopping at the Flying J to get Haagen Dazs bars to eat on the way to his house which was about 60 miles out of town.

  35. My best memories would have to be hanging out with my grandfather and working side by side with him on projects. I learned how to do so much stuff that other girls didn’t know how to do. 😀

  36. Being out at the creek picking wild blackberries with my brothers and sisters (and getting wet) that my mom would make into cobbler

  37. When I was a kid, we almost never got a regular allowance, but I remember one summer, when my half-brothers were staying with us that every Friday morning mom would get our her purse & hand us our dollar allowance each. I don’t know what she thought we were going to do with those dollars, but we kids had a plan. About a mile south of us was a little corner grocery store, that had what seemed like every kind of candy under the sun. We lived on a highway & traffic was too heavy for us to risk taking off down the road to get there & mom would never let us spend our allowance on candy, but running along the back edge of our property was an old railroad bed that we could walk down to get to the street that the corner grocery store was on & we had an old ratty VW Beetle that we were allowed to drive around on the property. We drove that Beetle down the railroad bed to the road which came out on the highway, right next to the store, parked it just far enough from the road that no one driving by would see it sitting there, then walked the 1/4 mile or so to the store, spent our allowance on candy, then walked back to the VW & drove home. Since we couldn’t trust that mom wouldn’t find the candy if we tried to hide it in the house, we had to eat every bite before we got home. Considering how much candy you could buy back them for a dollar, I’m surprised we didn’t complain of stomach aches every Friday night, but mom never knew that she was feeding our sugar addiction with those allowance dollars.

  38. My favorite childhood memory is fishing on a bank. We would wake up before dawn go to the slue or pond and stay until it got dark. Sometimes we would go to the lake and run trout lines. I have a great love of fishing now, because of it.

  39. Ever Christmas Eve my sister and I would get to open one present. It was always pajamas except for one year when we had gotten waterbeds earlier in the year. They were apart of our Christmas. So my mom wrapped up slips of paper that said waterbed on them. She thought we would appreciate that present more on Christmas Eve. The dismay that we didn’t get pajamas still makes my sister and me laugh at the memory.

  40. I always the one visit to Six Flags when I was able to get a Rock Candy pop. I was only able to get it on trip a year and I always looked forward to it.

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