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Saturday snippets…secondary characters…

You’ll meet Colby Mathis. He is the hero in my contribution to
the Hot in Handcuffs antho


“You’re not supposed to be here,”Taylorsnapped, his voice flat and cold.

Dez ignored him, staring at the house with a rapt expression.

The voices . . . they called to her. Their call was impossible to ignore. The whispers were
like a siren’s song in her head. Responding to Taylor’s blunt statement was pointless, especially
since she couldn’t explain why she was here. She just knew she had to be here.

She hadn’t been notified and that meant nobody thought her skills were required. If Taylor wanted her here,
he would most definitely have called her.

After all, she lived just a little outside of Williamsburg. It wouldn’t take her any time to get to
the small, upscale subdivision where all hell was currently breaking loose. It made her gut hurt to
think about the hell happening inside this posh, designer neighborhood. Some people thought bad shit
didn’t happen in places like this.

Dez knew better.

“There’s a child in there,” she said quietly.

“No, there’s not.” It was Colby Mathis, one of Jones’s bloodhounds. Under most circumstances,
she would have listened to him, agreed with him. She liked the guy, respected him, and she
knew he knew how to do his job. He was the hard-core psychic and she was the one who talked to ghosts.

But he was wrong this time.

Because there was a ghost standing at the door of the house, staring at Dez with desperate eyes,
her mouth open in a silent scream.

“He’s got a child in there,Taylor, and if you all move on him like you’re planning,
he’s going to kill her,” Dez said, her voice strained.

Colby swore. “We don’t have time for this, Jones. The fucker’s slipped away from us before—
he’s not doing it again.”

Taylor looked from Colby to Dez, and Dez stared into Taylor’s eyes.

“Colby, give me one minute.”

Taylor saw the frustration simmer in the other man’s eyes, but the agent gave a terse nod and retreated,
falling back a few steps Taylor reached out and caught Dez’s arm. He tried to ignore the soft,
silken warm skin of said arm, just as he’d tried to ignore the way his heart had skipped a beat
when she had moved to stand beside him earlier.

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  1. THE MISSING was the first book of yours that I read so I am really looking forward to THE DEPARTED. Thank you.

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