Writer Wednesdays.. Lauren Fraser

Another WW post! Lauren Fraser

What’s the one thing that remains unchanged during your writing process, from one book to another? (ie: Intensive plotting? Music?)

A: I’m assuming you mean besides those frustrating moments when I read back what I’ve written and think sweet mother of god that doesn’t sound at all like it’s supposed to.LOL

When I write I’m a bit of a weird plotter. Before I sit down to write I have the basics of the plot figured out I know how things are going to begin and end and a basic outline of how I’m going to get there, but usually my characters take me on a bit of a circuitous route. *grin* The main plotting type activity that I always do is characterization. I spend a lot of time figuring out my characters, who they are, what makes them tick and what kinds of things would really send them for a loop. I think it’s all those countless hours in the psychology classroom during university that makes me a bit neurotic when it comes to who my characters are. If I don’t feel like I really understand them I have a heck of a time writing them so I always make sure I really have a clear picture before I sit down.

What’s the one piece of advice you’d give a new writer?

A: Find a great critique group or partner. Unfortunately as wonderful as family is they usually aren’t willing bite the bullet and tell you what needs to be fixed or what’s missing from your writing. A great critique partner can be worth their weight in gold. I’d much rather hear from my critique partners what’s not working then my editor when she rejects a book.

What’s the one piece of advice you wish was wiped from the minds of writers everywhere?

A: That you can’t use “to be” verbs when you are writing because it’s passive and you can’t use passive voice ever. There are times when “to be” verbs are needed and they just work. Plus it would read really odd if you changed your sentence structure so that you never used them.

What’s the one book you think everybody, writer or not, should read?

A: Oh gosh that’s a hard one, I have so many books that I love. But since I know not everyone likes to read romance or suspense or genres that I might be drawn to I’ll pick one of my favorite books of all times that should appeal to everyone as well. So that being said I’ve got to go with The Giving Tree. I love this book and read it ALOT with my kids when they were really small.