Saturday Snippets…an important date…


Today’s snippet is from Locked in Silence. the theme is an important date…the heroine has a date with destiny…I figure that counts.  🙂

And maybe she could let Robbi live another day or two—who knows, the idiot could always grow a brain cell or two.

With an internal sigh, she made a choice and sauntered toward the succubae.

She knew how to appeal to this kind of demon.

After all, she’d been killing them on the sly for years.

But always one-on-one, which required luring them away from the rest.

And there was more than one demon in this club…Vanya could feel them.

With a silent prayer, she made her choice.

She’d been told a few years ago, when the time was right, she wouldn’t be alone.

Didn’t seem like there would be a better time than now.

Oddly enough, she felt pretty damn alone.

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