Soldiers/Helping out… they are moving out soon!

I just got this info from Kelley…if you’re one of the ones who has been writing to the guys/gals in this unit, you have until 9/15 to write/send packages…otherwise, they probably won’t get them.

Derek Rusnak
1/3 H&S Co  Pat Team 2
unit 44015
FPO,AP 96607-4015


They are leaving around mid-November and the letters and packages take a while. So if you want to send something, get it in the mail before 9/15.

I’m not sure if Kelley will be getting me another group or not after this, but if I get more names, as always, I’ll get them posted here.

If you have questions, please check the soldier FAQ first-most of the questions are already answered there.

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  1. Thanks for the info. My household has been sending care packages and boys were getting concerned that they would be heading home (not in a bad way just that the packages wouldn’t have a home).
    Thanks for giving us the opportunity to show some love to our soldiers.

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