Grimm Giveaway Winners…

First…the daily winners:

Anne Hope’s Winner…

WINNER:   Bookpushers


Suzanne McLeod’s winner



Bonnie Dee & Marie Treaner

WINNER:  Gigi Staub                     

Bettie Sharpe


Nadia Lee

WINNER:  Harlem Huntress

Allison Pang



 Thea Harrison

WINNER:  Dara Young

And the winner of my prize…

Yelena Casale

Okay, guys… here is where it gets complicated…. I need you to email my admin, Nicole… not me.  I’m getting ready to go out of town and when my inbox explodes, I lose things.

So email Nicole at with your name, the author who had your prize… ie: Yelena, Winner of Shiloh’s Prize in the subject line.

In the email, please include your mailing address if you won:

  • Thea’s prize
  • Allison’s prize
  • Suzanne’s prize
  • Shiloh’s prize
In the email, please include the format of your choice (PDF, PRC, etc) if you won:
  • Bettie’s prize
  • Nadia’s prize
  • Bonnie & Marie’s prize
  • Anne’s prize
Thanks to everybody who entered and thanks to all of my authors who donated prizes and excerpts, guest blogs, etc!

Remember, all comments left during the daily Grimm Giveaway are entered for the big giveaway…info here.  Make sure you’ve read my disclaimer-all winners will be posted to my blog and that’s your notification.  If you don’t check back…you don’t know if you’ve won.  More info on the Grimm giveaway link.

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