I have OSS.  Oh shiny syndrome.

We went to the Kentucky Ren Faire a couple months ago and the first thing I stopped to the look at were these pretty skirts.  I was sorta thinking about buying one, although they were pricy.

Then, as I was moving around to look at the stuff on the other side of the stall, I saw the next stall.

And this.

The picture doesn’t really do it justice-the glass has this way of catching even the dimmest light and turning it into a rainbow.  It wasn’t the fairy that sold me, but the glass.

I saw it, and was like… Oh, shiny.  The guy running the stall laughed and said, “I think that’s a woman’s favorite color…oh, shiny.”

Yes.  I like the shiny.

Later, we were walking and I caught sight of a mirror-it read:

Kilt Inspection Kit

I almost died laughed.  In that booth, I also found this…

Very, very pretty.  I loved the colors on it, too.

It’s also shiny.

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  1. Shiny is good. Love both pieces!! You probably can put the stoneware piece in the dishwasher, but I wouldn’t really recommend doing so. Some glazes don’t work too well in there. (Speaking as a potter, here.)



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