Bloggers! Call for reviews… IF YOU HEAR HER

done…bloggers to be posted shortly.

okay…I’ve got a few of bound galleys for IF YOU HEAR HER, and I do mean…a few.


Would you be interested in reviewing one on your blog?  If so, leave your name and a link to your blog in the comments section below-if it doesn’t show right away, don’t worry.  My spam filter is aggressive, but I’ll keep an eye on it.   I’ll get in touch with a few people about doing reviews.

Please note: this isn’t a contest and I only have a few-probably 2-3 copies-to send out.  If you request one of the galleys, please do so with the intention of reviewing it.  Good or bad, all I ask for is your honest opinion, posted to your blog when the book releases in late October. Since I’m very limited on the copies I received, it’s even harder to spread them out.  Thanks for understanding…

If You Hear Her

Book 1 in the Ash Trilogy

Release date 10.25.2011


The scream Lena Riddle hears in the woods behind her house is enough to curdle her blood—she has no doubt that a woman is in real danger. Unfortunately, with no physical evidence, the local law officers in small-town Ash, Kentucky, dismiss her claim. But Lena knows what she heard—and it leaves her filled with fear and frustration.

Ezra King is on leave from the state police, but he can’t escape the guilty memories that haunt his dreams. When he sees Lena, he is immediately drawn to her. He aches to touch her—to be touched by her—but is he too burdened by his tragic past to get close?

When Ezra hears her story of an unknown woman’s screams, his instincts tell him that Lena’s life is also at risk—and his desire to protect her is as fierce as his need to possess her.

First in a new romantic suspense trilogy…read an excerpt.

UTA: by the way, I do have plans to keep at least one for a random giveaway closer to release date, so if you don’t blog, don’t worry!  🙂

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  1. Aw makes me wish I was a blogger. I do review books at many review sites but alas I don’t have a blog of my own. Sounds like a good read. Hope you find some good bloggers.

  2. I’m so excited about this series. I’ve been anxiously awaiting it ever since you first indicated it was in the works on your blog. I would love to read and review it for my blog Seductive Musings and would be willing to accept either a print or digital copy for review. I post all of my reviews on my blog, on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Goodreads. The blog posts are also cross posted to my Facebook page and my Twitter blog profile.

    p.s. I have high expectations for this series, since Broken was my #1 favorite book from last year 🙂

  3. Do guest blogs count? I’m guesting at Limecello’s & we want to feature you as discussed at the end of June.

  4. It doesn’t matter where the blog is, so long as it’s a book blog. Just leave links in the comments section so Nicole & I can keep track.

  5. I would LOVE to review this book! I’ve been looking forward to this series. I have two blogs, one specifically for book reviews and one for erotica/adult reviews. I’d be happy to post a review on both.

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