Yay! Drake made it!

Drake Bennett from Beg Me made it to the next round of Summer’s Hottest Hero! That means…votes are open again, and you can vote again!

IMPORTANT…Seriously.  Er…pretty please, guys…only vote once. Please don’t offer or try to vote more than once. Yes, I’m competitive as hell, but if I win something, I wanna know I won fair and square. I can’t win fair and square if people are voting more than once-I don’t even like offers of extra votes.

You can go vote again, though, now.  It’s round three, the slate is clean and everybody gets to vote again!  Yay! Go, vote!  And if you vote for me?  Awesome!!!!  Is contest! I like contests!  And if I win?  I win cool stuffs!  I like winning cool stuffs!  It makes me happy…

And now…since I skipped the Friday 56 for this shameless bit of self promo-I shall post a mini excerpt from the current WIP.  It’s a Hunter book.  Dunno about the release date.  Will post when I know.

Stroking the edge of her knife with her thumb, she eased her way into the darker shadows of the room.

Even before she saw the moonlight shining off his pale hair, she knew.

He was down there, in the backyard, waiting for her.  And damn it.  He’d hauled her bike out.  Bastard.  He was leaning against it, leather stretching over those long thighs, a black T-shirt clinging to his lean chest.  He had that blond hair pulled back in a neat tail at the nape of his neck and he looked good enough to eat.  In many, many ways.

Her fangs pulsed.

Lower, much lower, other things pulsed.  Because she knew he’d be aware, she figured she’d hide one hunger within another. Standing in the open window sill, keeping her knife hand free , she murmured, “Oh, look.  It’s Meals on Wheels.”

He grinned at her.  And then he leaped. Sylvia fell back, moving away from the window even as part of her wished she could stand there and just watch him move—

She pulled another knife, but didn’t bother hiding that one.  He’d go for the one she’d left in open view, she hoped.

He came through the window, almost silent, a grin on his lips, his blue eyes glinting with humor.  That hot, rich scent of his flooded her head and suddenly, she had to swallow.  It was that, or start drooling.

“Delivery service.”  She waggled her knife at him.  “I like that.”

“That mouth of yours ever get you in trouble, Sylvia?”




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