My last minute Ack… Drake From Beg Me needs votes…

The next GRIMM book is like ttttthhhhiiissss close to being done. Been planning a last minute getaway with the DH-our 15th wedding anniversary is coming up. My easily-distractable brain has been…well, distacted.  And I wasn’t watching a competition-gasp! (I’m slightly competitive.) Especially when really cool prizes are involved.

And Drake from BEG ME fell behind in Summer’s Hottest Hero! He needs more votes! It ends soon!

Annnnndddd…. it’s over… we’ll see if I pulled ahead or not on Friday!

He’s a hot hero…or some people think he is. You can read excerpt and see. 🙂 Will you vote for him?

2 Replies to “My last minute Ack… Drake From Beg Me needs votes…”

  1. I am voting Shiloh even made another account (hehe) to vote for Drake! when i looked last nite u were in the lead! WOHOO! U keep writing and i’ll keep buying! God bless u and urs Shiloh!!!

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