Friday 56 and a giveaway

Woo hoo, we made it to another Friday!! So, now it’s time for some fun and that means Friday 56 ;).  This week, I have something extra, too…a giveaway, so read to the end *G*.

I glared. “I am not. And you can’t possibly know that.”  –Mac in Faefever by Karen Marie Moning.

**Note this is the 3rd book in the series. Read order is: Darkfever, Bloodfever, Faefever, Dreamfever and Shadowfever

I’ll admit, I’m a huge Fever series (helllo JZB!!!) fan.  I was lucky enough to come by not one, but 2, HARDBACK copies of Faefever. So, I’m sharing the wealth…and that’s what’s up for grabs. Entering is easy, just leave me your Friday 56 in the comments.  Haven’t done it before?  Grab the closest (doesn’t have to be your current #Fridayreads) book, turn to page 56 and give us the 5th sentence. You can give a few around it, too if you’d like.  By entering, you’ve read the rules and disclaimers for any of mine or Shiloh’s contests and agree to abide by the terms.  I’ll draw a comment at random and post the winner by next Friday here on the blog.  Happy reading!



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  1. “Besides, why should I be all that helpful? You don’t believe me anyway.” ETERNAL KISS by Laura Wright.

  2. She glanced around for her riding crop, located and retrieved it. If he continued down this path, she might use it on him. WAKING UP WITH THE DUKE by Lorraine Heath

  3. “Ted McConnell is a typical Gadget Guy.” lol not very exciting this time. I absolutely LOVE JZB and have read KMM’s latest post about 50 times!! I would love to win a copy of this, since I only have this series in digital format. Thanks for the awesome contest!

  4. “She had to get the man off her mind or her mother would know, in that superhuman way all moms had, and pry the truth out of her with speed and skill that would impress the FBI.”

    Ride the Fire by Jo Davis

  5. I LOVE the Fever books! And since I have them all in paperback & hardback, you can exclude me from the contest but I’ll give you my Friday 56. 🙂

    In fact, the fellow was imagining Drina in the boots and nothing else and doing things to her that… well, he wouldn’t say they were gross, but they were disturbingly hot images and made him withdraw quickly from the guy’s mind and scowl at him irritably.

    The Reluctant Vampire by Lynsay Sands

  6. Sara looked at her watch, praying that Jeffrey would show up on time and take her away from all of this.

    Indelible by Karin Slaughter

  7. “Hey, ” she returned just as fierce. “I’m giving you the only answers I have. Besides, why should I be all that helpful? You don’t believe me anyways.”
    “There are ten reasons engraved into your neck why I shouldn’t,” he said

    Oh my sweet Nicholas Roman and Kate Everborne from Laura Wright’s Eternal Kiss….

  8. I wanted to stop thinking, to run, but there was no way around that for all I knew it’d be irrelevant to run.
    Mister Trot from Tin Street~Panlo D’Stair

  9. The ones that cause your blood to pound through your veins and have you quivering with need.
    So Sensitive by Anne Rainey

  10. She hadn’t noticed it fall on the beach when she’d grabbed her sarong in such a hurry.
    (referring to her bikini top)

    Total Abandon by Opal Carew

  11. Oooo, the Fever series is one of the best I have ever read! Love JZB!

    Lady Maccon looked at her husband curiously. “One of BUR’s?”
    The Bureau of Unnatural Registry kept a number of mobile ghost agents –
    from Heartless by Gail Carriger

  12. “Well, if Reginald is going to talk to you through me instead of just communicating with me through my mind, I’ll need all the extra energy I can get.

    The Werewolf Upstairs by Ashlyn Chase (Advanced Copy)

  13. Her whole body went still, “So why are you here? Because I’ve got to tell you, having you hunt me down in person is veering pretty close to stalker territory.”

    The Darkness Beyond-A Palidin novel by Alexis Morgan

  14. Friday 56 comment

    He reached out and stroked her jaw and chin in that affectinate gesture he had used two nights before.
    Madeline Hunter Lord of a Thousand Nights

    Love that Moning series. Good luck all

  15. It was the “beautiful girl” part that flung a noose around my foot, the voice that snagged it tight. I raked a hand through my recently butchered hair and looked down at my dark, baggy clothes. The compliment was a balm to my soul, the voice young, male, and full of fun. I skidded to a halt. Shallow I know.

    Mac in BloodFever

  16. How exciting- “We were shaking hands when a woman came out of the ladies bathroom down the hall.” -Frostbitten, Kelley Armstrong
    Well now you know I couldn’t possibly have cheated to give a more entertaining answer.


  17. For over 30 years his home had withstood the summer’s tropical coastal storms. Then came Katrina! When the first surge of water hit, flooding the ground floor, Chuck climbed to the second story. When the water kept rising, he knew better than to climb into his attic because there were no windows there from which to escape. So he anxiously waited by a second story window, hoping the water wouldn’t reach that high and he’d be safe. But it did.
    -Between Hell & High Water, Kay Kuzma & Brenda Walsh

  18. ‘Hearing Jacobus’s incipient growl, she quickly added, “But I think there are several reasons.”

    He said nothing, only leaned back and cocked his head to hear better.

    “First, because my mother and her mother played the violin. In fact, it was my grandmother who was my first teacher and sent me to Furukawa-sensei when I was ten. So it really was not my choice.”‘

    From “Devil’s Trill” by Gerald Elias. A mystery about a stolen Stradivarious violin, solved by a blind violinist and his new Japanese student.



  19. Oh, I should have also mentioned that it’s written by a violinist/professor of music at the University of Utah.



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