Proof positive that there are weirder people than me…

So I have a friend who helps me with galleys.

Yes.  I admit this.  An extra set of eyes helps, especially at certain times.

She found this little gem…

“Feel better?” he asked, tugging a handkerchief from his nose.

Okay, then.

I emailed her, with the words….ewwwww….how in the hell can you read me?

Her response?

The typos lighten things up.

Picture me…blinking.  And still trying not to gag or giggle at the image I must have given her.

5 Replies to “Proof positive that there are weirder people than me…”

  1. I pictured “never ending hankies” being pulled by a circus clown!!

  2. I’m with Noni. I started thinking, Magician. It’s a good thing your friend has a good sense of humor.

  3. I have them to be a ray of sunshine that pops out unexpectly to burst with happiness, silliness etc. You may want to consider a blooper book.

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