I’m outta here…

Sticky post-newer posts below. Okay guys… I’m going to be seriously absent, most likely, for a short bit.  

I have to check into the hospital in the morning-it’s a pain in the tail, necessary procedure that will hopefully be the last time I have see this doc of mine for a while.

Again, for those who’ve emailed and stuff, please don’t worry.  It’s nothing scary bad, just painful bad and we have to fix things.  I’ll be feeling pretty blah for a few days and I doubt I’ll be around on the forum, the blog, twitter, email, etc until I emerge from the pain haze.  I’ve loaded myself up with books, we’ve got netflix, and I’m going to try to just relax for a few days and heal up.

The blog has some posted preloaded but I’m not going to be around to answer much or chat.  Nicole will be, though.

I’ll be back when I can. 🙂

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