Hmmm…which one isn’t right?

Time to have fun…

One is wrong.  Which one.  (Yes, she’s going to kill me for this… *G*)

18 Replies to “Hmmm…which one isn’t right?”

  1. Top one is wrong. At least it is the one different from my countdown clock. Has pebbled look at bottom and the title is too close to her boobs on the top one.

  2. The second one. I don’t think Larissa would let them quote her like that on a cover :).

  3. viki. . .She did say it. 😉 of course, context is everything!

  4. *Snickers* ‘Shiloh doesnt suck.. Larrissa Ione’ Uh, the second one, i think.

  5. Ooops missed that one…. pays to put on glasses and use full screen

  6. the top one is incorrect. the background is a darker color and the title is in the wrong place.

  7. Yep! She’s gonna kill you. 😀

    The top one is the correct cover. The bottom one is going to get Shiloh dead.

  8. Can I cut and paste to get the right one? Great game. I think the top on is probably right although I agree Shiloh doesn’t suck!

  9. The bottom cover. And I agree with Larissa…you don’t suck LOL

  10. The bottom cover! But Larissa is right, you don’t suck 🙂

  11. That second one is funny. Wonder if there’s ever been a tag like that one released? Good luck tomorrow.

  12. Bottom one. However, I agree, Shiloh doesn’t suck. Heehee

  13. context is everything!

    LOL too funny. I wish the second one was the published one.

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