Mary Burton‘s Merciless

The Other listened to the police scanner, tapping his fingers against his thigh, waiting for any mention of the bones.

Reading this now…so far, so good.

This week’s prize is going to be an unsigned copy of Merciless. To enter, read the rules…(remember, comments must be made at my blog to count as entries, not via FB, goodreads, etc)

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18 Replies to “#Fridayreads”

  1. “I won’t have your guttersnipe of a sister here, running after every cheap common man she meets in the gutter, staying out on the tiles till all hours, with her commercial travelers, going to their rooms and smoking.”

  2. “All right.” Roger glanced down at his white shirt. “Let me change, and we’ll go have a look.”

    from Dragonfly in Amber by diana Gibaldon.

  3. That had got her here, so no more. As Mrs. Harris always said, a ladys weapons weren’t made of steel, but they could still could harm.

  4. BLOODSHOT by Cherie Priest:
    The homepage looked like a high-school boy’s idea of a good time on the weekend.

  5. “If you come near my daughter, if you touch her, if you look at her, I will know, and I will make you pay.” Amandine’s tone was light. She would have sounded almost reasonable, if not for the fury in her expression… and the fear in Oleander’s.

    LATE ECLIPSES by Seanan McGuire

  6. “He didn’t mean it. He couldn’t mean it. Could he?”
    “How to Woo a Reluctant Lady” by Sabrina Jeffries

  7. “In the dream he concentrated everything he had on this women, greedy to understand and categorize what was happening, to find its appropriate place in his vast memory.”

    Dragon Bound by Thea Harrison

  8. Vamps didn’t begin to develop their powers until after puberty hit.

    Chosen by Blood written by Virna DePaul

  9. “Luke, I…” she wanted to tell him she’d understand i fhe was too weak if he cut her off.
    Outlaw Lover #2 by Jan Springer

  10. “oh boy,” Ashley hissed. “Alpha coming”
    Shw was put out with Dr. Armani, herself and the fact that the first thing she did on seeing him was crave the warmth she knew his body held. Not just his warmth. His touch.

    Coyotes’s Mate Lora Leigh

  11. “‘No.’ Andrea’s mouth went tight, the pucker of the word remaining as she frowned. ‘The nightmares aren’t about Jared. They’re about—I think about what happened today.'”

    Primal Bonds by Jennifer Ashley

  12. The thought carried on the breeze, through the trees and across the pavement. It slid into his brain where he stood yards away.

    Drop Dead Gorgeous by Kimberly Raye

  13. He went to his horse, checked the pack, and handed Cay a piece of beef jerky.
    “I hate this ,” she said as she reluctantly chewed it. ” I thought you said you didn’t have a plan.”

    A Scent of Jasmine by Jude Deveraux

  14. Here goes: “Why do you ask?”
    Chosen by Blood by Virna DePaul
    I haven’t read any books by this author, just picked her up today when shopping with a friend.

  15. “If you’ll step out on the porch, there’s a beautiful sunrise putting on a show just for you,” Rye said.

    Love Drunk Cowboy
    By: Carolyn Brown

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