Blogging, reviews and plagiarism

FYI, plagiarism is cheating and it’s disrespectful. Writing is hard word and it should be respected. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking books, reviews, web articles, etc.

It’s all writing and it’s hard.

When you use somebody’s else words instead of thinking up your own, you’re playing dirty.

There are very few people who’ve been marked off my list of reviewers, but if you plagiarize, ignore the problem like it doesn’t exist…and I know about it, you get on that list.

This isn’t by any means a threat. It’s simple fact. I know how hard writing is and I can’t, in good conscience, to give my books to people who can’t respect that. When you plagiarize, IMO, it’s an act of disrespect to all writers.

People screw up. Some people might not fully understand what plagiarism is-granted, it boggles the mind to write that, because my 9 year old and 11 year old already grasp the concept. But plagiarism, plain and simple, (from

Definition of PLAGIARIZE

transitive verb
: to steal and pass off (the ideas or words of another) as one’s own : use (another’s production) without crediting the source
intransitive verb
: to commit literary theft : present as new and original an idea or product derived from an existing source

It’s not cool. It’s wrong. If you’ve done this, the right thing to do is to remove those plagiarized works and apologize. Removing the works is the very least thing to be done. Want to start earning the respect you lose when you’ve done this? Then you have to apologize. Apologizing isn’t easy, but it’s the mature thing and the right thing to do.

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  1. Hi Shiloh–I thoroughly support your stance on plagiarism. It is theft. I will not read a
    writer who has plagiarised someone else (including 1 New York Times Best Selling Author caught plagiarising another NYT best selling author).

  2. Hi Shiloh, one day I aspire to be perfect like you. I visit your blog to read blurbs about your books and enter contests and such. Sadly I won’t be visiting anymore. Your attitude and views are not appreciated and I refuse to waste my time on reading them. Same goes with Twitter. IMO you are constantly bitching about something. It’s really sad the image you project. I mean I’m a huge fan. Your written stories are some of the best I’ve read but sadly your overall personality really sucks. I could go on and on but I won’t bother since your most likely to delete my post anyway and if not you’ll surely run and bash me to all your twitter followers and fellow authors. Anyway I’m stepping off the soapbox now. I do not nor claim to be perfect but I can tell you this. I would think twice about the image I project to my readers and fellow authors who might not appreciate your holier then thou attitude because afterall your readers and in some cases fellow authors purchase your books which inturn pays your bills.

  3. I’m not sure how not approving of plagiarism makes me bitchy or holier than thou. But if that’s how you view it, then that’s how you view and I can’t change that. Plagiarism, plain and simple, is wrong, though. It’s laying claim to another person’s hard work, their ideas and their time. How is that not wrong?

    Nor have I ever claimed to be perfect. I have, however, often claimed to be a bitch. I speak my mind, I don’t apologize for having opinions. If that costs me readers? Then it costs me readers. I won’t sacrifice my sense of self for money, for readers, for anything. Doing otherwise would make me a hypocrite as I’ve always encouraged people to speak their mind and be honest.

    Also, it’s fairly well known that I don’t mind having people disagree with me. I can’t stand blind sheep.

    I’ve never deleted comments for having different opinions than I do and I’ve been honest about that. I’ll delete those that are abusive, I’ll delete when an author spams my blog and I delete comments left by bots. But that’s about it.

  4. Wow! Great post!! I agree completely. Our reviews don’t take the time and effort that your books do, but they still take time and effort!!! Plagiarism is NEVER ok!!!!
    (And how you stating that is “holier than thou” is beyond me)

  5. Shiloh, you are RIGHT. If that makes you holier than thou, than preach it, sister! Plagiarism and piracy are never okay, never justified, never EVER acceptable in any way, shape or form.

  6. “Holier than thou?” “Perfect?” “Constantly bitching about something?” Shiloh?!?!? NOT!!!!!!!!!!!! Snort! The day Shiloh becomes any of the above will be the day I stop reading her blog. Sure, she bitches about plagiarism, piracy, and the like. That’s not just a good thing, it’s a GREAT thing! More people ought to do so.

    Plagiarism is theft. Nothing more, nothing less. So is piracy of someone’s intellectual work (books, music, artwork, etc.). In her blogs about piracy, Shiloh gives us the information WE need to help combat it. If “Annoyed” considers that “constantly bitching about something,” well, that’s her (his?) problem. I’m thankful for it.

    I’m also thankful for the work that Shiloh puts into her books, her family, and her life. I like her sense of humour, her sense of irony, and her sense of wickedness. I wouldn’t have her any other way.



  7. AMEN! Boo to plagiarism. It’s stealing, plain and simple. I stress this over and over again to my students (we’re talking 8th graders here) and, if middle schoolers get it, adults should have the same sense. I hope. If you want to use a quote or whatever, CITE it. It’s not all that hard. Give credit where credit is due.

  8. I do NOT condone plagiarism at all. That was not the point of my comment. What I find hard to accept is you preaching to others that they HAVE to apologize. Who the hell are you to tell somebody what to do? I’m sure for every person who has knowingly posted someone elses work and claimed it as their own there is another who has absolutely no idea what they are doing is wrong. I’m sorry but I thought your blog was for readers who enjoy your work and want to find out more about  you and your upcoming works. 

    In the end It doesn’t really matter. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and your reply to my comment was professional which is more than I can say for your tweets. 

    I knew you would post about this on Twitter. Your nothing if not predictable.  I guess it makes you feel good to have your followers bash somebody and sing your praises. 

    So, I wish you nothing but the best and hope you continue to sell a lot of books. Sadly I won’t be one to purchase them anymore. I just can’t spend my hard earned money on an author who thinks it’s ok to use her status to force feed her readers her opinions on everything she doesn’t agree with.  

    Take care. 

  9. plagiarism is definitely a bad thing. I never even thought of someone copying a review. I hate to see people stoop that low. As a reviewer I know how hard it is to try and write a review and I feel as if the books are given out to review as a gift. Why even pretend that you wrote a review or anything else. In the long run you are going to hurt yourself as well as many others. I am constantly making sure my kids understand that they must write in their own words and I am always appaled as well as shocked when I see adults do this.

  10. @annoyed, of course I mentioned it on twitter. I generally do with things that interest or amuse me. If you don’t aporeciate that, I’m sorry, but it goes back to the plain & simple fact that I voice my opinions. Some think writers aren’t entitled to that.

    As to who I think I am? That is simple-I believe people should take responsibility for their actions. However, while you not might not want to look at it this way, it would have been damage control for the blogger who plagiarized.

    As it stand now, she is being hotly discussed by bloggers, and I don’t mean me.

    she has lost respect from many of them. An honest apology could have stopped a lot of that.

  11. Thank you so much for this post Shiloh! Plagiarism is NEVER ok, whether it be from authors, bloggers, or whatever. Credit should always be given when credit is due, and as a blogger, I really appreciate your thoughts and support!

  12. As a reviewer who has been plagiarized before, thanks for being one of the few people who not only recognize that plagiarism is bad (too rare), but also recognize that even bloggers and reviewers can plagiarize/be plagiarized. It’s appalling that calling someone out on plagiarism is considered “bitchy” and “holier-than-thou” by someone. You don’t have to be perfect to be offended by seeing someone steal someone else’s property and hard work.

    Of course, Annoyed is right about one thing: it’s important to think about the image one projects on blogs and Twitter. So I guess it’s a good thing that your image is one of not being willing to stand quietly by while being witness to theft.

  13. When someone operates a blog, pretty sure they’ll be posting their own opinions — as they have every right to do (otherwise, it would be plagiarism, eh?!)

    Don’t like their opinions? Don’t read the blog.

    Attacking their opinions on their own blog probably isn’t the best way to go. Especially when you’re criticizing the blogger for an opinion on something as innocuous as plagiarism, which just about everyone agrees is a no-no. And especially when you’re critcizing that person on the platform read by her fans, who will probably defend her.

    Claiming you’ll never read again, but then posting a second time (and thereby proving you’re still reading)? Not making yourself look better.

  14. FYI, guys, just a reminder…we try to keep things civil here, even we disagree. And while I appreciate the support… Don’t worry about speaking up on my behalf. I’m pretty good at running my mouth, ad nauseum. 😉

  15. Correct me if I am wrong here but this blog is for National Best Selling Author Shiloh Walker and although I can agree that people should not plagiarize other people’s work, you are not getting my point.

    This blog/website is an representation of Shiloh Walker, Best Selling Author. One would think that the image left here would be that of a professional author. Not someone who claims to be bitchy or doesn’t care if her personal views cost her readers. Which was proudly posted on twitter.

    Regardless of what any of you think when I visit this website and/or blog I am here to read up on current releases, works in progress etc. as I’m sure the a lot of current readers or new readers are here for that as well.

    You want to bitch and complain about subjects you believe in? Have at it. But why would you use a website such as this to portray yourself this way. Nobody is asking Shiloh to change who she is and how she feels about issues but there is a place for such causes and I don’t feel a professional website is the place to post it.

    I would really be interested in what her agent and publisher thinks of her attitude when she refers to herself as being bitchy and doesn’t care if her views cost her readers. Her readers are how she makes her living and one would think she would be more appreciative.

    Now to address those who have directed their opinions of me:

    Of course I am checking the comments on this blog post. Did you honestly think I would let you all tell me how expressing my concerns or issues regarding one of my favorite authors is wrong? And just so you know….I am a fellow reviewer, blogger and reader.

    Everyone has a right to their own opinion and although I probably should have written Shiloh an email, I didn’t. Which I realize now was the way this should have been addressed and I sincerely apologize for that, Shiloh.

    I will continue to read this post to read your comments but I will no longer waste my time replying because in the end I have expressed my issues and voiced my opinion and you all will continue to post jabs at me defending her.

    I have chosen to no longer purchased titles upcoming and existing from Shiloh Walker.

    I hold no hard feelings and as I wrote earlier I wish Shiloh the best although I do agree with certain issues that were voiced here.

    And lastly,

    Shiloh, I would honestly like to apologize for voicing my opinion publicly. It was not professional and/or an acceptable avenue to voice my opinion.

    I will not post again.

  16. Just another reminder-while the thought is appreciated, I don’t need anybody to defend me. 🙂

    @annoyed, there is no need to apologize for speaking your mind. You haven’t done so in an abusive manner and you haven’t attacked anybody. Nor are you a bot.

    Despite what you obviously think, I don’t need everybody-or even anybody-agree with me. In all honestly, when it happens, it bores me because I was born with a rather argumentative nature.

    While I’m not discussing the whys/hows, I was drawn into this issue via email and rather than be silent, I decided to discuss it and voice my opinion. That this fact bothers you…well, there is nothing I can do about it, nor do I wish to. I have no desire to take away or fight your right to voice your opinion.

    However, you’re not seeing what I wrote as I wrote it. I said:

    “Nor have I ever claimed to be perfect. I have, however, often claimed to be a bitch. I speak my mind, I don’t apologize for having opinions. If that costs me readers? Then it costs me readers. I won’t sacrifice my sense of self for money, for readers, for anything.”

    I won’t say it’s isn’t bothersome to think some readers would rather an author not have opinions-and I’m sorry, but by expecting authors to keep silent on issues that matter to them, the implication is there-we shouldn’t speak for ourselves, we should only write. It turns us into drones. We’re not. We’re people.

    If the cost of being a writer is that I’m not allowed or expected to voice my opinions?

    No, thank you. As much as I would hate it, I’d rather never sell another book again than to have my right to voice my opinion stripped away.

    As to why I do it on this blog? Because I won’t hide behind another name to voice my opinion. If I believe in something, I’ll own it publicly. I won’t hide behind another name, use false names or just mutter quietly. I would feel hypocritical if I couldn’t own my opinions.

    Regarding my editors and my agent? They know. At least one editor even reads my blog regularly and should she have issue, she would email me. My agent is well aware of who and what I am. Another editor, who I’d emailed after a rather spectacular debacle where I spoke up against describing incest and rape as a form of romance, told me there was nothing to worry about. And that was another post that included a comment along those lines… “If having this belief costs me readers, then it costs me readers.”

    My editors and my agent know who I am, how I am. I don’t hide any of that-and I’ve actually warned several of them that I can be a pain in the butt.

    I’ve been this way pretty much since day one and I’m now going on eight years of writing. If it has had any affect…well, I hate to point this out as you’re convinced I’m doing something terribly wrong, the effect has been more positive than negative. More than once, I’ve been emailed and thanked for being honest on a topic rather than staying silent.

    But again, I don’t expect you to believe me. Perhaps you’d be interested in a blog from a writing professional-an editor who wants professional BEHAVIOR over professionalism.

    From AGAINST Professionalism:

    Here is what we care about:

    Can you write well? I mean, really write well. Note, not write well enough—we have plenty of folks who can do that, and they’ll change their names every five years on command and write whatever we like, to order. Can you write well?

    Are you ready to say “Yes” to a solicitation? Not “Maybe.” Not “But I don’t know if I’m any good at that”, but “Yes”?

    Can you meet a deadline?

    You know, not professionalism. Professional behavior.

    The majority of them aren’t concerned if a writer voices their opinion. They want the books turned in, turned in on time, and they want them well written.

    They don’t ask writers to be mindless puppets.

  17. Yeah I know you don’t need my help either. I always thought an author’s blog was for
    whatever the author wanted to say. If I want their professional stuff, I’ll click on the books link. I want to know the authors, what they feel, love, hate, what makes them laugh. Otherwise, I would just look them up through the publisher’s web-site.

    I admire people who are unafraid to voice their opinion as long as they back it up & aren’t abusive.

    I met Shiloh last year in Cincy and she is a delight. Funny as hell. I have pictures to prove it LOL.

    BTW Annoyed, you can’t say “no hard feelings” and at the same time say you’ll no longer buy Shiloh’s books.

  18. And Shiloh – please bring book marks to Cincy so I can be a street person LOL & bring them to my bookstores. Comments were closed the day you posted the info.

  19. and I didn’t want you to have to mail them to Canada.

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