An Update on Pastor Marrion

For those who were following…he’s had his surgery and so far, so good…thanks to everybody who helped, either through donating or spreading the word!

This came from Bryan Mealer via Indiegogo…

Operation: Success!

Just a quick note to tell you that Pastor Marrion’s transplant was a success! After four hours under the knife this morning, the pastor is now recovering in ICU. His donor, Omaka, has also been admitted to his own room to rest. According to doctors, the new kidney is functioning and all is well.

I’ll be sending a more detailed update this weekend, once the pastor is awake and his doctors have had time to chart his progress. But as of now, we all have reason to celebrate a sucessful operation. Let’s hope and pray both men recover without any complications. We’re over the hump, at least.

To think, this journey began last July with with us nearly losing our friend and colleague — flying him from Congo to Rwanda, then to Kampala; the maddening procession of doctors, clinics, dead ends, and bleak prognosis. For most Africans, the road would have ended long ago. But thanks to all of you, not only were we able to pull this off, but we introduced the world to a great man and his noble mission. I can’t express how happy I am right now.

More soon…


You can read more about him here

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