Update on Pastor Marrion

For those who were following his story, I got this update today…

Hello friends,

I just want to share an amazing story and slideshow just posted on TIME’s website about the plight of Pastor Marrion. It was written by my colleague and photogapher Marcus Bleasdale and includes eighteen stunning images that Pastor Marrion helped him produce over the past decade.


I just spoke to pastor this morning and he seems well. The doctors are still waiting on results of one test before giving the green light for the transplant on Friday. This week we managed to raise enough for the transplant itself (THANK YOU!!!), but hope to raise more for the post-op care and any emergencies. This piece in TIME will certainly help.

I’ll send you all an update after tomorrow’s doctor’s appointment with a more recent update.

Until then, be well. And thank you very much for your donations and help spreading the word. We’re SO CLOSE to making this happen.

all best,

You can read more about his story here.