Pssst…. lookie (also, news)

Wanna know what that’s about?  Go here.

Also, if the blog goes dead for a few days here and there, or you don’t see me much on twitter/facebook, don’t worry.

I found out I have to have surgery…again… ugh.  It’s set for the the end of the month.  Don’t ask, I’d rather not go into detail, but it’s related to a problem I had last year and the doctor doesn’t want to put it off.  I have a tendency to go in major lurk mode when I’ve got things on my mind, so if I’m not around a whole lot, it’s just because I’m off to deal in my own special, sullen (I need to brood) way.

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  1. Sorry you have to have more surgery:( I do the lurking thing when I get stressed or just overwhelmed so I get it. I hope all goes well. I can’t remember if I mentioned it or not, but I bought and read Tempt Me and loved it:)

  2. Shiloh,

    Honey sending up prayers your way. I wish you comfort and fast recovery. If you need anything let me know hon. Are those all the books your taking with you?lol.

    Teresa K.

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